Welcome to the Thunderdome…


Hola Travelers,

It’s my first time here sending a warm welcome to you my first time reader.  I’m a very direct no tip toeing thru the tuplips kind of girl so I know. I know what you’re thinking, Pussy? Seriously, Pussy?

This must be a none so stealthy porn blog. In fact, no. No it is not.

Second guess? This is a blog filled with the musings of a cat lady gone off the rails. Like she’s had one cat too many? No. No it is not. I can assure you right now that the only crotch licking will be the feline in the header photo and I am in fact a dog person. The above pussy, whom we call Mopsy, is an anomaly in my life. In truth, she has inspired this little literary incarnation, but we’ll come back to the 5 Ws of that another time.

So what is the Dealio you say? Pretty simple really. I’m trying to put some joy out in the world because as of late it’s started to look a lot like the Mad Max Thunderdome doesn’t it? Metaphorically speaking not literally of course.  I want to speak to your weary & worn down soul that is being visually, verbally & personally assaulted daily by your fellow human kind and offer some assurance that this life that envelops us is indeed a wonderus journey filled with unexpected twists that make it worth traveling all the way to the end of the road. That sounded pretty Oprah like didn’t it? Huh, you say…

Well, I don’t want to give away any spoilers here in hope that you will come back…but I will leave you with this little nugget.. each time I will give you something to ponder/take your mind off the daily grind, a great cat photo that will make you smile(even for dog people) & a song or two related to the topic at hand or in the neighborhood just nearby.

Trust me, this will all work out in the end..

Post #1
What’s new pussy cat..


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