Un momento por favor

Hola Travellers,

Let’s chat for a moment please, about time…cue the music

I know, I know there’s some extra produce imagery here today versus just the Mopsy. Mind blown.

So. Time. Originally, I had some clever little ditty here that was meant to be both ironic and funny, not sure it was successfully either, so I decided to just get to the main event.

Photographs are a kind of visual measurement of time. Proof of time. One actual second suspended in an image. The above photos were taken last Sunday, a lazy Sunday actually. The kind of day that time seems to lie down for and almost intermittently stop. Know that kind of day? It was semi-hot outside and somewhat humid, but that doesn’t stop the Mop from taking a luxurious nap on the porch/side of the house…Serious peace on her face. She’s having a moment i think. That peach was the best tasting peach I have ever had…no exaggeration, it was both sweet and tart, the flesh was ripe to perfection, not a blemish and it was HUGE. And Juicy. With a side of iced spearmint green tea. Kill me now. That berry is the last to have grown in my little garden. Just so pretty hanging there all rebellious like. I think it’s actual saying, look at me hanging out here all luscious & stuff!! Brought a smile to my face. And well, the Mopsy always brings a smile to my face.

Let me crack the bat now and drive it home: The power of a couple joyous moments each day can change your life. They make the living in life happen. Serious as a mother you-know-what (the f word- with an er on the end, in case you didn’t) I try my best to remain present so I can experience moments like these. I’m not gonna B.S. you and say I am always present like a Buddha, but i have gotten to where I find myself consistently aware of these moments. In fact, they seem to be so right in our faces, I don’t know how we are missing it. And I’m not talking about BIG MOMENTS, I’m talking about a cat, a berry and a peach. Simple attainable joy. Now the thing is you can’t force these moments into existence, they are just happening along our journey. All of our journeys. Sure, your choices create the opportunity for them but awareness is the real driver here. Open your eyes. Our technology can only preserve the image not the feeling or taste or touch. Being present in the moment, fully soaking up the sights, sounds, smell, touch, taste and emotion. Memorize it.

What does this have to do with the Pussy? (Again, it’s Mopsy, not lady lips I’m talking about people) When Mopsy crossed my path almost a year ago, she reinvigorated my conviction in the power of absorbing the moment. Even if she is not my cat and but only a guest star cat, we have many fabulous moments together. And the joy of those moments has outweighed ownership for me. And opened me to my life that is happening right now. In fact, I wonder at times if she and her animal brethren mentally clock moments and if those memories offer them a similar buoyancy when the poo hits the fan.

Because let’s be honest, life is hard. HARD. And if no one else had told you that, let me be the first. Let me also repeat some wisdom given to me by my Grandpa years ago when I was in a difficult moment of indecision. He said, “Everything in this life worth having is going to be hard. Don’t choose to not do something because you are afraid of hard work.” I don’t have a photo of that moment when he said that to me but i can remember almost everything about it. That moment has guided me through difficult decisions and is like a beacon in my heart. Even the hard moments can leave you with something you may need down the road.

Almost lastly, the wider application here is to share your moments with others. Spread the happy stuff and the difficult stuff. Create moments for others through compassion. I like to think of each of my moments like a little light bulb and if you string them all together, like a strand of Christmas lights. And maybe that strand is bright enough to light our way through the darkest times in this journey called life.

Here’s the parting shot: Not every day, but at least one day a week when I come home, Mopsy is somewhere near enough to see me pull into the driveway. As I am unlocking our gate, she’ll amble over to me, I’ll pick her up and then she’ll ride in my lap into the garage. An image can’t contain how much happiness is in my heart here: Oh, and this song right here…


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