Apparently Mike Tyson just ripped off your ear…


And hello to that image…

Good day Travellers,

Sports trivia time: remember the much touted Tyson vs Holyfield fight in June of 1997? (I did have to look up the date, I’m not representing as a boxing guru here…) It’s the one now referred to as “the Bite Fight”. After a few head butts from Holyfield, Tyson bit his ear HARD and then seemed to have possibly bit off a piece of it AND he seemed to think it was justified at the time..I think the word stupefied sums up the general reaction ( these were the days long before a WTF existed) but the world went crazy for a hot minute…

Why am I mentioning this you ask? Because I have a few persistent theories about life, based on my own meandering experiences, that I tend to dispense to people from time to time. One of the big ones is that life is like that fight, us mere mortals being Holyfield and Life/the Cosmic forces of the Universe/Fate being Tyson. Life/the Universe/Fate is going to kick the sh*t out of you, possibly often and you will be lying on the mat in the ring. Stunned, shocked and in pain.

You can either lie there bleeding out, assuming the fetal position or drag your beat down self back to your corner and regroup to get out there and go again. There is not a single one of us who escapes this dynamic existence. When I say us, I mean most of the life forms on earth. When people say life isn’t fair, I think maybe it’s not a question of fairness, but more a question of resilience.

Resilience, people! I love to just say the word. Resilience…just sounds like a pick up your ass and fight kinda word, doesn’t it? It feels glossy and kinda sleekly bullet proof as it rolls off the tongue. In actuality, it’s defined as the ability to recover or adjust easily to misfortune or change. (Dictionary not Wikipedia everyone.) Bullet proof has a nicer ring though, doesn’t it? Sadly, the thing is, we are never truly impervious to the unexpected bites on the ear from this life.

What does this have to do with Mopsy?

I believe that our companion animals, in fact all other life forms on this planet demonstrate resilience every day of their lives. They are resilient to an ever changing environment because it is what’s necessary to survive. They also adapt to us, an erratic species that can often allow emotions to drive the vehicle of action.

I often ponder how our breathern animals mentally process their emotional selves during rough times. If we will allow ourselves, I believe they are teaching us. Teaching us how to carry on through times when we believe we can’t.

Because the thing with humans is the emotions. Humans weave their emotions into almost all fights in the ring of life and not always to our benefit. We can become overwhelmed with sadness, grief, pity, anger, resentment, envy..all the ugly things that do not benefit us when left to saturate our souls. And yet we seem to have decided that is what separtes us as being human? Just asking, not judging…

Truly, I really have no idea how deep Mopsy’s emotional well goes or my lady dogs for that matter or any of the other lovely creatures on this planet. I think we tend to humanize our pets and other creatures to a degree of disservice at times. We seem to give them an emotional inner life almost identical to ours because we lack a true translator. Also, I think its makes us feel less alien in our humanity to believe they are just like us. Personally, I believe there is a similar soul matter inside them, and not just because I want the warm fuzzies, but rather because I believe I have many times witnessed some kind of joy, peace, gratitude, fear and possibly loneliness cross their facial expressions. In the eyes really. BUT. Animals seem to have a better understanding of emotional perspective and its place in life’s hardships.

Let’s see if i can tie this all up now in a bow of joy.

Resilience and emotions.

Humans and cats/dogs/and all the other creatures.

Humans seem to have convinced ourselves that we need to learn how to be resilient or remind ourselves to be resilient whereas everything else just is…maybe WE JUST ARE too and have forgotten? The Mop has adapted to a choice that was not hers, as human owners make the initial indoor/outdoor choice for a cat. I’m not aware of a cat capably opening a back door. She’s definitely adjusted by finding all the kind neighbors and making a sort of kitty lemonade from lemons.  I am yet to see her crying about it or meowing anything that sounds like a gripe about the fairness of life. Because she is resilient and she reminds me that i am the same in that respect deep down inside. I can feel it, and i bet you have too.

I’ve come across a quote recently in a book I am reading that keeps bouncing around in my brain and it goes like this: “No one in the world gets what they want and that is beautiful.” (Ready Player One, in case you are wondering)

As hard as it to believe, there is beauty in the heavy weight fight of life. Those unexpected gut punches and ear bites create the opportunity for moments of soul rallying strength and the more times you get up, the more resolved you become. There is something quite joyous in that, perhaps a joy in the shade of black and blue.

So if you are having a sh*tty experience, feel it. Like into the soles of your feet for 5 minutes or 5 hours or even a day if you have to, then shrug off the unproductive part of emotion, and drag yourself back to that corner baby. Because this life is worth the fight and if you’re lucky you meet a wayward kitty along the way like Mopsy.

Meditate on that for awhile…optional noises for your soul, go deep or stadium pop

Seriously, she is on my mediation pillow…


P.S. In the words of Ferris Bueller, or rather the paraphrased words, “I’d like to dedicate this to a young lady who doesn’t think she’s seen anything good today…” Also, if you’ve never watched Ferris Bueller, go do that, it’s the kind of movie that could put a smile on a dead man’s face.

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