Lara Croft 3.0- The Mopsy Edition

Buenos Noches Travelers!!

I’m gonna need you to suspend your disbelief for a moment here…an admitted hyperbole, but we like to imagine Mopsy as Lara Croft. Lara in the body of a feline. If you don’t know who Lara Croft is, please, GET OUT INTO THE WORLD. For those people, a little illumination…

She is a video game icon, perhaps one of very few female character driven games. Eidos released Tomb Raider in 1996. (Also there were movies with Angeline Jolie.) What she really is, is the definition of badassery. That phrase, “Whoever said last man standing didn’t ask the girl to play” comes to mind. She is my kinda girl. And we just talked about making kitty lemonade from lemons, there is nothing more lemonade than being Mopsy Croft. Here’s the get to it soundtrack.

Adventure is calling…or is it cicadas?


Last Sunday afternoon, Mopsy showed up with what looked like a puncture wound under her chin and a knick out of one front leg. Obviously, somewhere in her day sh*t got real. The kitty that i have dubbed her nemesis, Black Kitty, lives somewhere nearby. (It’s a black cat.) I believe Black Kitty is a ninja. Why? Because you only see it briefly and then poof, gone. Stealthy as a mother f-worder.  Maybe Black Kitty guards a tomb of riches. Maybe there was a skirmish and Black Kitty used its arsenal of throwing stars, nunchucks or katana. (yes, i know the katana is for samurai, but this is a special kind of bad ass Ninja pussy.) (Also, we don’t know if Black Kitty is a male or female, because NINJAS!! It’s a mystery.) Somehow Mopsy got away, probably after kicking Black Kitty up and down the street. Come to think of it, we also saw a riff raff kinda kitty earlier that day on our walk. That pussy may be the true culprit. The hidden second villain, whose the real baddy of the story. Crawled out of the bowels of hell (otherwise called the street gutter) to sabotage Mopsy’s latest quest!!

Are you not entertained?

Seriously, we wish we could fit Mopsy with a Go Pro to see where her days and nights take her. When she is not visiting us, we suspect there are other houses(tombs) she travels to besides her owner’s and us. And other yards(jungles), blocks(regions), perhaps miles away. Who knows how far she goes or what other daring escapades she engages in. She has shown up covered in mud, grass stains, and black marks from God knows what. I’m fairly sure all of the squirrels are in on it too! I bet they run the black market of rare walnuts.

For me this story is a colorful distraction from where my mind naturally goes: CONCERN and WORRY.  About the cars that are traveling at 25-40 mph all around us, about humans who would do her harm, about the large surrounding population of dogs of all sizes that may indulge in the occasional feline potluck or about injury/disease. Why? Because i am a control freak and i tend to also be an epic planner. I believe one should assume the crash position before sh*t gets really real. A delightful concoction of a human, right? I remind myself, Mopsy is not ours though, so these are borrowed worries to a degree. I wonder if she has any of these concerns or calculates her odds each day before she sets off. If nothing else, cats are most certainly cunning and calculating. Mopsy is no one’s fool.

This is where the lesson concludeth: SURRENDER. Mopsy has led me to start re-evaluating my white knuckled life paradigm. After all, no one can control everything AND it seems in order for adventure and just good living to take place in this life, you gotta let go. Less worry about the beginning point and the ending point, more focus on the miles in between- the living, the action, the adventure and not all the what ifs. You are going to have to PROCEED IN GOOD FAITH without knowing where the path will end. And all of us are united in this conundrum. Which is why it’s so important to be kind and compassionate to all who enter your door.

At the end of the day, this home is a place for the Mop to rest her weary traveler self and to let her know, she is always welcome and never alone. Listen here.





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