Dog and Cats, living together, mass hysteria


Hey hey Travelers,

Let’s have a moment of tranquility, listen to this while gazing at the image below…


I find myself in a strange place here. I am feeling deeply compelled to offer something in terms of commentary about recent events in this country and the ever growing uneasiness that is saturating society’s morale.  Because the more time I spend in the presence of dogs and cats, the more it makes me think about us. Humans and our nature and our failure to coexist within a society made up of one species. I made a promise however that this would be a space that would offer joy and freedom from all that B.S. Politics is the polar opposite of joy, isn’t it? And isn’t that unfortunate beyond words. Let me try to say this in a more thoughtful way…

The first time Mopsy came into our home it was the coldest of winter days and it was compassion that opened our front door. I actually took her back to her owners that first night she came inside. But the next night, she was here again and it was in the 20s outside. So, i moved a baby gate to enclose the little cubed space of our entry way to allow her some time to warm up. Months passed and the gate had inched back into the doorway that separates our front room and dining room. She and our lady dogs began to get to know each other through that gate. In fact, my youngest seemed to be forging a sort of friendship with her and if i said Mopsy, she would look to the front door in anticipation. We found that fully heartwarming.

I should tell you here that we have never had a cat in this house. My dogs didn’t know what a cat was outside of the rando peripheral encounters on our walks. I actually warned them on multiple occasions to not be fooled, cats are no light weights. I’m not really sure they completely comprehend that she is a cat versus say a very large strange looking squirrel. Months went by, and one day Mopsy vaulted over the gate like an Olympic gymnast. There was a moment of suspended animation and an understood exclamation, OH F-WORD. But nothing bad happened. Just a lot of aggressive sniffing and odd animal sounds. We now reside in a peacefully negotiated bi-partisanship of barks and meows.


How do two completely different species find their way with relative ease to coexistence and we, Humans, absolutely cannot. We have a unifying identical sameness in species and yet there is an ever growing chasm between us that just keeps getting bigger. Oversimplifying you say, let me up the ante then: Dogs in the right environment could eat or kill cats.  In the predator chain, they are still the rock to a cat’s scissors. Ancestry wise, tiger versus wolf, would be a fairer fight. Humans are not really designed to be predators inside their own species, are they?

Hang on, the joy is coming…

I think life is a constant evolving interactive lesson that most humans remain too preoccupied to see. Because it is happening all around us. The little creatures who live here with us are not just ornamental. What do i think the secret is to cats and dogs getting along? Acknowledgement that we are all just here to coexist. There is no need to argue just because they are different. One of our greatest weaknesses is the inability to be exactly where we are instead of time traveling in our minds. Other animals seem to always be exactly where they are. Instead of just meeting a person, we meet with a head full of mental baggage that more then likely has nothing to do with the person standing in front of you. Those differences between us are learning opportunities. And learning new things keeps you young and full of joie de vivre. Even the harder lessons. I know it seems impossible to not judge people and situations without the bias of our own unique past experiences, but what if we all try harder? Every. Single. One of us.  Maybe we could rebuild our humanity.  And I’m pretty damn sure that a kindness and empathy like that creates joy inside all of us.


P.S. Blog credits rolling song. And a shout out to this moment. You had me at hello Bill Murray, you had me at hello.






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