She’s a predator posing as a house pet

Good morning Travelers-

First, the beat …

Let’s call this boxcar #2 in a train of thought/conversation.. After reading my last post, my brother from another mother posed a question I had actually deliberated on addressing at the time. However it seemed like it would lead to a digressive sunami of thoughts so I left it out…

Here we go: Are cats and dogs only the better ambassadors of humanitarian behavior when their necessary resources are satisfied? (AKA, everyone gets fed so no one eats one another.) First, let’s establish an agreed threshold of their daily resources/things to fight over: food, water, safe home/den and affection in the form of playtime/attention. The last one is included because no one likes to be ignored, do they? And I think a big part of domestication is their interaction with humans. I’m not sure if we taught them that or if it’s a naturally occurring instinct. Also, let’s rule out fancy outfits, blinged out collars, pedicures or spa treatments because let’s be honest, that’s human sh*t.

In the abscence of those resources, I think that Mopsy & the ladies might possibly form a hunting party and kill squirrels/rabbits/smaller creatures versus one another. I think they might share shelter, especially in the cold. I see an established relationship that I think might prevail because of their domesticity. (I could be wrong.) I’m not absolutely sure the ladies see Mopsy as a lower life form. Occasionally, they run scared from her. Plus, have you seen cats teeth? Yowza! And in the heirarchy of predators, what you hunt and kill really depends on what is easiest and weakest, right?

Humans. Super-Hypothetically speaking. Because i have absolutely no idea how this could be accomplished at this juncture in history. Here it is: What if humans had equal resource distribution, would that solve our problems? Would we treat one another better? I’m talking about equal access to food, clean water, housing and universal pay. Additionally, in attempt to really level the playing field, let’s include education and universal health care. Because with humans the hat trick is in the “fairness” so it genuinely has to be same same for everyone. (Side thought: Do the furry creatures really worry about fairness?) Where would that take us? Would we still be treading water in a society of racism, sexism, size-ism, homophobia, ageism, and religious persecution? OR is there a special kind of f*ckery at work in the human race?


I think it’s absolutely necessary here to bring up our stuff. I mean all the extra sh*t we buy/own/collect in our lives. How we have allowed the pursuit of material belongings to affect the quality of our lives and behavior. You know what I mean. Humans seem to easily forgo valuable resources for clothing, cars and phones to name a few, when none of those provide actual real sustenance. It also seems that chasing after all this sh*t is like pushing your soul thru a mesh noodle strainer. Yet we remain largely undeterred in this pursuit. It could make a human wonder, have we, as a collective, lost our understanding of what resources are necessary and the ability to find contentment in those resources? Even if we were given all those things I mentioned above, are we capable of being content with that? Has the drive to acquire sh*t created an unspoken layer of conflict that contributes to our inability to be accepting and compassionate animals? Could all this sh*t be an impairment to the belief in equality?  Because i am fairly certain that more sh*t does NOT equal an advance up the predator pyramid.  Think about that.


I’m not advocating we give up ALL of our stuff. I’m also not saying that if we did, POOF, all would be right as rain. Humans ain’t that easy. I’m saying that Mopsy and her ilk seem to surpass us here because they CAN have their resources satisfied and attain contentment because their lives are simpler and devoid of our sh*t. Perhaps that’s something to think about…

I promised joy in all my posts, so let’s try this: Mopsy enjoys drinking from the sink in the kitchen. If you saw her doing it, you would understand why I say enjoy. (I know, I know some cat owners will be APPALLED by this relevation but we also SO ENJOY WATCHING HER DO IT!! We’re dog people! It amuses us!) She also seems utterly peaceful sleeping on the duvet at the end of the bed at night. When was the last time you were simply satisfied with the clean water from your tap, your food, or your bed and not thinking about a better version or begrudging those who you think have it better?  You had those simple things and in that moment, all the world was right. You might have had a soft smudgey smile on your face and perhaps felt like a gentler human. Maybe we could work together to find our way to that place, right there. Re-learn and understand basic contentment, maybe that could lead us somewhere…

If you like, this or this will be good to hear right now…and for a laugh, have a gander here


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