Ponce de Leon’s last words, “The Fountain of Youth my a**…”

Ciao Travellers-

Ok, this is a good one for this little dialogue …

I’m not sure where you’re at in this big world, but here, where I am, Fall is beginning to surf in on the winds. It creates a dinstinct feeling in the air, unlike another other season’s arrival.

I’ve come to believe over the years that the merry go round of seasons are a lesson of sorts. And like all the tough lessons in this life, we have to keep repeating it till we learn…and since the seasons never stop, I can only assume, we’re not there yet.

What are we learning you ask…the value of BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. AND that we, humans, we cannot alter what nature has been guiding for centuries.

Follow along, we have Spring, aka Birth, Summer and Fall which are Life in all it’s variations and Winter, which is Death. A kind of Death more specifically. Very little is ever really dead in Winter, it’s more like a state of regenerative hibernation. Life slows into stillness and draws it’s energy deep down inside to begin it’s recreation. And then, POOF! we’re right back at Spring. Kind of that whole, the end is the beginning is the end, right?

I call it a lesson because whether you believe in Science or God, it seems that our world is in so many ways an intentionally intricate design. I think the repetitious seasons are meant to help us learn to embrace the nature of our mortality and the cyclical nature of life. All the life around us. To celebrate each season of life for what it brings. Because nothing and no one lasts forever. No matter how much you love them. Unless you’re a vampire…by the way, Mopsy is not dead, that’s not where we are going..Whew, right? Yea…Look, alive and well…


Ok, alive and i’m not sure i can place that look…kinda disapproving, like, “What are you doing??”..I think that is what she is thinking in that photo…she looks like a jilted librarian, i digress…

To further complicate matters, and since I’m an American, i cannot speak for the rest of the world, but here, people have decided they don’t like aging, on ourselves or anyone else. Like we should throw a wrench into the wheel of seasons and just make it stop after millions of years.

When i was in my 20s, I was unaware of aging, and our culture/media and industry was not fixated on it. It was not the monolithic billion dollar racket it is today. And let’s be honest, we’ve allowed ourselves to become emotional hostages in this situation. For the life of me, I can’t pinpoint the moment when this all changed or how it has gotten so out of hand. At a certain number (30? 35? 40? 45?, someone said 25 the other day and that’s just inane) which gets lower with each passing year, it becomes more unacceptable to continue living the natural course of life AKA having another birthday. Or so “they” would have you believe…

If we’re being honest, getting older isn’t amazing in all it’s glory but being younger wasn’t awesome all the time either. Just like each season has its great parts, it also has not so great parts. And if we all want to get thru this journey in a more joyous way, we need to be honest about that continuum. Life wouldn’t be much of a life if we remained one age for all of time, would it? What is the value of LIFE without DEATH? Or youth without old age? Or maturity without youth? You have to have one to appreciate the other, don’t you?  Seriously, we are an animal that is defined by opposites and if you take one away, where does that leave us?

If we capped off at 25 and then remained there for another 50 years, think about that…what if we only had one season instead of four..sure, you think you’d like to live in Spring for all of time: Flowers, rainbows, sunshine and bunnies boinking, but humans are easily bored with the same same, aren’t we? And, hello, ALLERGIES. And sooner rather than later, we’d start to gripe about being young forever…remember that aforementioned vampire bit, why do you think people write about that idea? Because, immortality DOES NOT WORK OUT FOR HUMANS…

SO, why are we entertaining this nonsense? We are allowing ourselves to be placed at odds with our very nature. We are supporting an ideal that only serves to cause us and everyone else around us emotional distress for something that again, we cannot truly control. Most ironic is that you end up wasting your more youthful minutes worrying about your oncoming moments of old age…

Do we really dislike aging or is it something deeper..that we have truly no idea where this path exactly ends. As in absolute certainty. And no one really chooses when they die. So is it the fear or an inflated ego?

I have had the privilege of knowing two lady centenarians thru my professional work. When I asked Lois, the younger of the two, what is it like being 99 and she replied..it’s just like you. I remember being your age yesterday. I told her that was the most disconcerting thing anyone had said to me. Why? Because I had believed that aging would be a sort of Yoda like transcendent experience. I thought your soul would mature with your body and there would be a peaceful integration of sorts. Being older would be profoundly different. Wishful thinking. Perhaps part of our problem is that our animus/soul/whatever you wanna call that, it doesn’t have an age and it’s bond to mortal coil that is aging. Maybe we should focus on reconciling that issue?

Which bring me to Mopsy…


I’ve wondered if she can feel age in her body, and if it’s not called aging, maybe it’s just like the weather, something to accept and coexist with. She does not seem concerned with aging. Not that i have asked her obviously. I think she would say something like, “OH, that’s just human f*ckery..” (I feel like her voice would have a librarian tone to it as well; it’s that first photo above..) And it seems that all the other creatures on earth are accepting to the condition of this existence. Humans are the ones that appear to be kicking and screaming down the aisle of the supermarket of life when it comes to getting older. I think all other life is just grateful for it’s continued longevity. Or perhaps other life is just more in a state of oneness with themselves.  I am certain Mopsy and our dogs understand time. More amazingly is that they seem to get it without the assistance of clocks or watches. Which means there is a natural undercurrent of time that rules life on earth. It may be unseen but it is not unfelt. It is a passage that defies a sheer number.

So where is the joy? The obvious answer is LIFE. Ignore the haters, there is nothing wrong with aging gracefully! Being alive is something to be joyous about, maybe not every minute of everyday, but that whole blood in your veins heart beating steadily, that’s a good thing. And much of the quality of your life is in your hands- diet, exercise, sleep well, love on people and animals. If you’re not fixating in a mirror, aging is happening so gradually, you’re not really going to notice. And why should you when there are so many other things to look at and enjoy!! Death is like any other destination, you’re going to arrive there sooner or later, but the journey, that is what it was always about…


Here is an obscenely strangely good song , strange because there is no chorus, but it feels like it’s about Life, AND if you are in the mood for a mediation on Life and Death, I very much recommend, “The Fountain”  It’s probably not for everyone, but then, what in life really is?

Carry onward, chins up…


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