One trip around the sun…


(A little intro:  I wrote this ditty on the day after my actual birthday. I’ve been sitting on it while trying to decide what to do if Mopsy had in fact vanished. By now, I know she has, but I still want to put it out into the universe even if it’s abit tardy. Because I strongly feel that if we, humankind, talked more about the common threads that connect all our lives, maybe we could somehow find more compassion for each other. That’s my message in this bottle. And if today is your birthday and you are reading this, Happy Birthday!!)


Feliz Cumpleanos Travellers- (whenever yours may be…)

Fun peripheral fact, every single day is someone’s birthday.

People you love, people you don’t, dogs and cats that share your life and billions of strangers out in the big world. More specifically, there are 19,178,082 who are sharing a birthday, EVERY DAMN DAY, except for those lucky individuals born on leap year. October 7th was my birthday and let me add: Happy Birthday to all of you who share that same day with me! I wish there was a way to meet all those people in person, because just when you begin to feel alone in the world reading a statistic like the one above clearing illustrates, WE ARE NEVER REALLY ALONE. We are all moving thru this life in a sort of invisible unified formation. Together.

Due to a strange little twist of memory failure on someone’s end, (no judgement) I decided to spend my birthday alone. Now, did you just frown when I said that? Because it seems to make people sadly skeptical to hear someone would do such a thing. I think  it is most unfortunate that many of us consider the choice to spend time alone on holidays to be indicative of unhappiness. I am very glad I did it. In fact, I would encourage every single one of you to give it go one time.

This choice actually seemed completely appropriate because we essentially come into this world alone. I know, there are people in the delivery room and your birth mom pushing, but when you slide down the vajayjay water slide into this world, it’s just you baby. And the first breath you draw in this world, it’s all yours. So why shouldn’t you celebrate that on your own for once?

I decided I would wake up and watch the sun rise for the first time on my birthday, because I think we take for granted each day that this little marvel of nature is just gonna keep happening. The replay looks a bit like this:


It’s the full range of Ohhhhhh…and this is the tune that came into my mind in the 25 minutes it took for this whole little transition. Mopsy sat on the curb the entire time seemingly unenthused with this whole wild haired idea. I find so often in life that just when you become convinced that a sh*tstorm of epic proportions is about to fall down on you, things change..and then you get this…


GLORIOUS!! One of the most beautiful days we’ve had all year, and here is THE SONG for that kind of joy!! Neil Diamond babies!

Actually, I have this photo of Mopsy that makes me think of the verse in that song: “Hands, touching hands”…but in my mind it’s “Paws, touching paws, Reaching out, touching me, touching you…Sweet Caroline etc. etc.”


Seriously, right after I took the photo, Neil Diamond was the first thought in my brain…I am a strange girl obviously.

Back to the birthday of uno…I went out to eat on my own, the waitress gave me a sideways glance when I said it’s just me. I ate outside because of the glory weather. And I had a Bierock which i have never eaten. DELISH!! And I ended my day with this…

I made the cake my Grandma baked for my birthday when I was growing up. Several birthdays. It was pretty much the go to chocolate cake for birthdays. I realized as I was making it the night before, I had never made this cake once in my adult life for myself. I must confesss, I did use a different icing recipe because I always found hers to be too much fudginess for my taste. And I thought about my Grandma, who is no longer here on earth, while I was making it. The entire time. It made me feel like she was kinda here with me.

All in all, a birthday well done. Pretty simple and satisfying.

Cinematic choice for this event is Garden State which is a Zach Braff film and generally either something a person really loves or really does not get at all. I completely get it. Especially that whole “infinite abyss” bit, watch it and decide for yourself!!

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