Witches Brew

Dear Travellers,

October is not just my favorite month because of my birthday, it’s also the month that contains my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN. Or, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, which just rolls off the tongue in the most wicked way. Or, ALL HALLOWS EVE. Sounds legendary. And lastly in a small town called Independence, KS it’s NEEWOLLAH!

In honor of the whole TRICK or TREAT, I’m offering up a most tasty treat: JAZZ!!

Now now, naysayers and the uninitiated, if you don’t know jazz, you can’t know music. Or so a wise man once told me. And let’s be honest, jazz is one of the greatest contributions America has made to the global music scene. Jazz gave birth to blues, soul, R&B, rap, ambient and house. Miles, John, Thelonius, Duke, Louis, to name a few and a pack of audacious ladies created experimental sound art. Seriously, this stuff is what life is made of people! Brave and Bold. Here is a Masterpiece by a pioneer. Bitches Brew. Miles Davis baby. And some blessed soul put it into YouTube. THE ENTIRE ALBUM! Can I get an AMEN?!

This is the music for a fantastic Halloween. Or the day after Halloween. This is the music that the dead and living would dance to, if that’s on your menu…

I had decided awhile ago that I would write some fluffier posts about the mythos of cats. The feline mystique if you will. Because let’s face it, dogs really don’t have the epic history that cats do. I’m not aware of dogs being worshipped as Gods. Or the embodiment of a God. Or a half god/half dog being. We’ll come back to all that another time…

Cats have been tied to witches, magic and Halloween for well, as long as I think we can all remember. In fact, many believe that CATS SEE DEAD PEOPLE.


Yea, she’s looking right thru my/your soul, isn’t she…

If you take a spin thru the internet, it appears that this holiday originated as a sort of time to welcome your dead family and friends back into your abode. Like invite them inside. Uh-huh, if that’s the kind of thing you like…Somewhere along the way, as these things tend to happen, that seems to have become a less prevalent notion, at least here in the Midwest, USA. Here it’s mostly costumes and candy. Less VooDoo more sugar rush.

But cats and witches  have endured through the years. Not only are cats believed to have the ability to see the undead, they are considered the familiar of their witchy counter parts. Sometimes they were believed to be witches themselves. They actually burned cats along with the witches in Salem. Nonsense, right?

And poor black cats. It’s almost like inter-species racism. They get such a bad rap for being unlucky when in fact, in many cultures, they are considered good luck. I still think they are bad ass ninja assassins.

I’m fairly certain Mopsy was no witch or that she had any magical powers per say. What I can tell you is that she always listened like she understood English and she always had this sort of glint in her eye that seemed other worldly. Maybe she was an alien?

Happy Halloween!!!

PS- There are a variety of movies linked thru this post if you need some spooky entertainment.

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