We are family, I got all my pups, pussys & me…

Konichiwa Travellers,

Have you ever wondered on any given major holiday, here in America in particular, what do the people who do not consider it a holiday do? Because let’s be honest, our holidays are omnipresent and Thanksgiving is just another Thursday. Black Friday is just, well, God save the Queen. Christmas is another whatever day of the week, you get my point. But somehow these days become holidays, because someone said it was so. The retail gods decreed it so!! In theory, everyday could be a holiday though, right? Think about that and we’ll circle back…

What we’re to talk about is Family…Maestro play that funky music…

Holidays and family are like, well, whatever two things that are irretrievably smashed together. An Oreo maybe? It takes a certain finesse to get an Oreo apart. I feel the majority of us are taught that holidays are about family coming together and celebrating. It is the expectation for regular people. Family being generally understood as blood relatives and what celebrating really means is REQUIRED merriment.

I mentioned this before but it bears repeating, it seems like a whole lot of stress around the holidays is because of this particular Oreo. A fair amount of people dread being around their relatives for all kinds of reasons. The holidays become more of a pressure cooker versus a season of joy. But let’s be positive you say, ok, I happen to know a family that genuinely all enjoy each other. They are all musical and I imagine their Christmas celebrations are like The Sound of Music meets the Nutcracker with a side of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But I’m fairly sure they are an exception. Most post-Thanksgiving conversations seem to sound more like a medic reciting injuries on a battlefield. And no, I am not being cynical, just honest. Think about it…If you are one of the lucky ones, and your family genuinely enjoys each other, THAT my friend is an ENORMOUS MONSTROSITY of a blessing. Count it like 100 times. For everyone else not living that dream, let me offer the following:

Family isn’t always blood. I cannot possibly be the first to tell you that. The best family is not always one that you are born into. It is the one you make after you leave your childhood home. It is the people you meet out in the world on your own terms. Your tribe. Your lover/partner, children, friends, co-workers, stylist, trainer, neighbors, anyone who really matters to you and last but not least, for the lucky ones, pussy cats and dogs.

I often wonder if cats and dogs miss or remember their moms and their siblings. Do they remember being taken from them or do they dream of them with sadness in their little hearts? Would they have had better lives with their families or are they like us and can find another family that works to the same end. Do they see us as we see them, as family?

Family is, at it’s best, kind, generous, warm and supportive. Family will tell you the tough things you don’t want to hear especially when you need to hear them. They will tell you to fight, when you have no fight left. They will help you learn about yourself and how to be a better yourself. Sometimes you may not like that part. They will let you cry anytime, no judgement and they will smile when you smile. And you will gladly do the same for them, more then likely without giving it a conscious effort. And after those souls you love like family are gone, they are still with you, inside. And I’m not just talking about the humans there folks..


Look at that Mopsy! That was one of my very favorite things she did in the first few months she started visiting inside. She would lie on the back of the couch on the end nearest us in the dining room. It was like she was as close to us as she could be at the time. (We had a gate up between the two rooms.) And she always looked so full of peace. Some people, babies make them get the warm and fuzzies, me, it’s a content sleeping guest kitty.

My point here is be thankful for the family you have or the one you have made for yourself. Be grateful you found them and know there will be others as you travel on through this life. Tell the people and animals in your life that you are so thankful for them this Thursday. Yes, I believe dogs and cats do appreciate it as well. And hell, if you’re feeling like a revolutionary, just start telling them any day of the year. Who needs designated holidays when we could make our own?

For so many reasons, the movie you need to watch for Thanksgiving is “The Birdcage” . You and yours are welcome!!


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