You will experience fear…

Hi again Travellers,

I apologize for my lack of conversation. First, my three week snotty sinus infection or rather the prolonged Sudafed usage gave me brain sludge. But by late January, the snot storm mutated into some serious contemplation about the tone and message of this blog.

Wait, wait, before you go running off, just hear me out and listen…

That’s a good place to start, listening. I’m not sure we, as a species, are using our listening holes as much as we should. Remember that, actually I think we should all write it on a post it note “LISTEN” and put it, well, everywhere…maybe several post it notes…
I think the first month of every new year is challenging. Made only worse when it starts off sh*tty. It’s the whole expectation that we are all going on a great journey of self improvement aka New Year’s resolutions. I would like a show of hands, how many of you are still in the game with your GREAT CHANGE this year?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea to re-evaluate where you are on this journey called your life. Periodically we should all create a new plan of action, but why do we need to wait for the start of a solar revolution to do that? Why do we have to do it as a group holiday event when each of our journeys is as an individual? Yes, peer support is good, but true self motivation comes from within. Best changes I’ve ever made usually started on my birthday because I feel like that is my personal start to a new year. It’s my solar revolution.

I told someone jokingly that my resolution/slogan this year is going to be: ARE WE GLADIATORS or ARE WE BITCHES.” (OH, OH, OH, I have a theme song  too!!)  And, before I get too far, we need to give credit to Shondaland writers for conjuring that little gem of dialogue. I don’t watch Scandal, but YES, YES to the sentiment.

For our mutual understanding, the interpretation I will be using means no more being so sensitive. How much sensitivity is really helpful to us? Seriously, it appears to be a fine line between something reasonable and somewhere that no one can say anything. And stop whining. Luke Skywaker was a whiner and when his hand got cut off, I was really only worried about how on Earth are they going to get Han Solo back from Boba Fett?? Everyone was more concerned about Han Solo…No more tip toeing thru the tulips. You can say what you mean and feel, it’s not a crime. No more avoiding what we find unpleasant or unsavory. Just because you won’t directly look at something does not mean it no longer exists. Read that one again. Toughen up. Be BRAVE. Act and speak with self conviction. And get up and fight fairly.

Remember when we weren’t so whatever this society has become and got along just fine? Remember when we were tougher and a lot less bullying/bitching was going on? Remember when people actually listened a bit more and believed in live and let live? And hell, maybe you might learn something from another human….

After a month of thought, I’ve come to realize, I wasn’t really joking…and I’m ready to embrace what that slogan really means to me: It’s time to face my fears. Some of which I am going to write about, especially the one that has never gone away…we may all get uncomfortable, but in the end, isn’t that where the most important journeys tend to lead us? We need to learn to not look away or stop because it’s an unpleasant situation.

Also, I’m going to keep my promise on the Mopsy and the JOY, so here we go…


Look at that flexibility…looks uncomfortable doesn’t it? Cats have got to be the most bendy creatures on Eartth.

I will always believe Mopsy was brave. Poor pussy cat tossed out of her home into a strange world. And though I referenced her as the feline Lara Croft in an older post, I have to believe she experienced fear. And isn’t facing our fear what cultivates bravery in the end? I think bravery actually grows from fear in a way. If you nurture it. Not just once obviously, but over and over again. I still want to use this blog to spread joy into our world and I believe joy is found at the end of that journey.

And of course, I have a movie for all that..two actually…Alien and Aliens. I would say Ellen Ripley epitomizes facing fear and being brave. The fact that Sigourney Weaver doesn’t portray her as being stoically fearless makes it all the more involving for viewers. Here’s my bold statement of the day, I believe this is one of the most defining female roles in film history. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Aliens. How many sequels can you say are as good in their own right as the first? This one is. And if you didn’t know, the character was originally slated to be male and Ridley Scott changed his mind. Not for the sake of feminism either. I actually pretend all the other Alien movies don’t exist, because these are the two that really should have been made. Yes, I did just say that…Enjoy!!





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