Stories our parents tell us…

Greetings Travellers,

Let’s call this part 2 of Pussy on the Road (in spirit of course)…

The first leg of my journey passed thru 4 states, granted two of them, Oklahoma and Texas, were just cutting corners. The drive was around 9 hours to my first destination. 9 hours from the Go spot seemed like forever to a road trip novice. However, time moved in a perfect meter to match my wandering gaze. I am a big looking out the windows while driving kind of person, so I very much enjoyed passing thru all the changing terrain.

I was also struck with the realization that there is a lot of disparate poverty and barrenness in this country. I saw it thru all four states just strung out on the road sides.  I think traveling by car really affords us the luxury of that realization. Realizing how varied life in America truly is. I can’t be the only one who forgets that in their daily life. I think we should all open our eyes more to the lives that we do not lead ourselves. And have gratitude for the life we do have. That’s just a side dish thought, you’re welcome…

Now, HERE is the real deal. I have a very specific memory as a child… Wait.

First, let’s play THIS to go with my little exposition…

(I normally don’t explain my song choices even though each one is very intentionally matched to what I’ve written, but this memory, which did not originate with a background track, should only have one sound. The Bee Gees. BUT there is only one Bee Gee left on Earth, Barry. And that makes me feel a bit sad and melancholic really, so I picked James Blunt instead because I’ve always thought his voice sounded like a Bee Gee. He could be an honorary BeeGee to keep Barry company. I picked this track because it sounds like a round forward moving motion, like joyful wheels. Wheels turning..Listen to it…)

SO, the memory…

The memory is at night. My parents were still married, which means I am under the age of 8. I’m in the back seat of our car in a side-reclined-half-sleeping-type posture. We are traveling either to or from Kansas of that I’m pretty sure. We’ve stopped somewhere, probably for gas and I can see lights. Or I remember lights, like neon colors against the night sky from my half opened eyes. I asked where are we and my Dad said Tucumcari. I then dreamily thought to myself: Tucumcari, this is where the Tooth Fairy lives! Weird, right? Why would I think that? Because kids have fantastic imaginations and I read ALOT of Dr. Suess, who was a seriously rhymey writer. And if you say those words, Tucumcari and Tooth Fairy in a half opened mouth kind of way, THEY SOUND CRAZY SIMILAR!! Try it!!

Do you have any of these seemingly arbitrary memories that your mind remains beholden to years later? A small random moment your brain has hugged on to and is not letting go. The mind is a funny thing in that way.  In truth, most of my memories of my parents together are like this one, I know they are there but not really visible. In literature, they call that foreshadowing.

All my life, I wanted to come back to that place, Tucumcari, New Mexico. Call it nostalgia. Obviously, I didn’t actually think I’d find the Tooth Fairy, but I felt compelled. And guess what, it was on my way to my Dad’s house in Albuquerque. And I found the best little motel. Feast your eyes on this…




Places like this are few and far between in America, but I felt this was kismet because of the neon. It was like the adult version of my childhood mirage. Look at that sign!! 100% Refrigerated Air!! Can you even stand it? #12 was my little room. Dreamy. The couple who run the place could not be lovelier and what a fantastic retirement adventure.


Last thing, I feel it’s important for me to tell you there was THE greatest shower I have ever showered in at this place…Who knew? Right, Tucumcari, would be home of the Tooth Fairy, BEST SHOWER EVER!


Not much to look at BUT Perfect in every way.  Especially that little window which was SO much better than any exhaust fan and it was high enough no pink parts were visible to passerbyers!!

AS for a movie, I’m going to go with Labyrinth because well, it’s about imagination isn’t it?  No, there are no fairies in this movie, but there is Bowie as the Goblin King and some muppets. I think it’s also about growing up, which I think we do all our lives. Jim Henson was visionary to say the least and his work was a big part of my childhood. And again, David Bowie. If you haven’t listened to all of his albums, you should go do that as well…pronto.



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