Welcome to the New World

Boa Noite Travellers,

Before I committed to this post, I wanted to take abit of time to get a lay of the land so to speak…I’ve been trying to fully ascertain the whole Mopsy back from the dead situation. Fortunately, there is the internet and with a few strategic clicks, I was able to successfully sleuth out what happened to her this past almost-year.

It appears somehow she ended up about 2 1/2 miles from her home. I still wonder if the large hawks that were in our neighborhood the week she disappeared, from  had a role in her getting lost. They say if a cat runs scared too fast, they can lose all their directional bearings. Anyways, it appears she made herself at home in this neighborhood and found other humans who enjoyed her. Then somehow she ended up in the slammer/our local shelter and because she was chipped, guess who went and retrieved her? (You get three guesses, the first two don’t count and I’m not one of those options.) There was a photo of her owner’s little girl with her. Little girl grinning ear to ear, Mopsy looking 100% deer trapped in headlights. It appears we are back to where we began, right?

Here we go, drop the beat…

We are in a new world because in 10 months time things have changed. She is not exactly the same cat, and I’m not exactly the same human. Change has a way of making us all into moving targets in life, doesn’t it? Just when you figure it all out, something shifts. AND isn’t change one of things that makes sustaining relationships with others both difficult and more importantly, revelatory?

Mopsy seems abit jumpier and not as self asssured. She’s still sweet and friendly, but there’s something off. It’s like she’s a version of herself. I can only imagine this whole series of events was abit unsettling for her. Imagine, here you are in your neighborhood/home, adventurous Mopsy Croft, then something happened and YOU ARE LOST. You have to find your way all over again in a strange place with new faces. Just when you’re settled in, WHAM, you are in the shelter/slammer and your owners appear and take you back to where you originally began.

I completely empathize with this because after my road trip, I had very hard time re-adjusting. I had been gone for nine days on my own, out in a world completely unfamiliar and yet exciting. When I came home, I had a tough week and a half or so reintegrating back into my normal life. I can’t help but think that part of it was because I was alone. Just like her. Except she was out there for 10 months on her own. I wonder how long 10 months is to a cat…like in cat time.

Then there’s the matter of Faline and Charlie. Whom I love dearly and have completely bonded to. Mopsy visits sporadically in the mornings and if I let her in, I make sure they are elsewhere. Otherwise she sees them at the door or in the front window and well, she does not seem to approve. I feel fairly certain that the hissing is a sign of disapproval. Faline and Charlie have both remained unmoved by her presence. They just stare at her through the glass.


Our regular daily schedule of visits is no more. She does not appear every day and has only once greeted me when I returned home from work. She rode in my car with me into the garage just like old times. She has yet to come meowing at the back door at night. No naps or sleep overs on the bed. There have been a half dozen times I see her heading this way down the street only she never arrives here. One day I called to her, “Mopsy Mopsy Mopsy” and she came. Just like always. On that day I started to think about what really mattered here: she remembers me, as I remember her, isn’t that what we all wish for, to be fondly remembered?

Since her return, it appears her owners are feeding her. Maybe she is being let in their house at night. She now has a collar that is a permanent adornment. While I won’t tell you that I whole heartedly feel that she belongs with them, I can see she belongs TO them. And part of me genuinely hopes that she finds some kind of home down the street with her owners. But they never came looking for her in those ten months. I passed by their house so many times walking the dogs, not a word. No lost kitty signs. Nothing. My Dad says it’s too bad that kids can’t pick their parents and pets can’t choose their owners. Yes, I realize there’s a smattering of judgment in my words.

I find myself living in a strange emotional cul de sac. Obviously, this is still a better world, the world where Mopsy is alive. And I believe very much she feels the same for me as I do for her. As much as two different species can feel the same. I believe our relationships with animals were intended to make us better humans, I’m just not sure I’ve grasped the full lessson on this one yet.

Lastly, her owner’s home is for sale, so our time together is running out.

Then again, it always was, right?



I’m going to give you TWO movie recommendations, E.T.  and Big. Two movies that are so good and yet somewhat sad. It’s the whole glass half full or half empty thing with their endings. AND both are what I call, MOVIES with the RIGHT ENDING, not the Walt Disney- Hallmark card Bullsh*t ending, but the ending that just has to be…  Every story and every life has a natural conclusion that I think we can all see it coming. Whether we want to or not…


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the New World

  1. Richard Bixlet

    I really enjoy the NEW posts. I was not fully into the previous posts (i.e. before Mopsy left). These are more “practical”.


  2. Lindy Lizenbery

    Hi Amy, Loved the pics of Mopsy. I think you are right about our desiring and needing to be “fondly remembered.” by someone human or animal. It’s important. I do hope that you keep writing and sharing your insights. Lindy


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