P.S. She’s gone…

Dear Fellow Travellers,

I have come here heart in hand to tell you, Mopsy has left the building.

As usual the universe is not without a sense of humor/timing/irony. I was working on that last post, which if you have not read, please do, and just as I was almost done, on Saturday morning, I went outside and saw the moving van down the street. It’s funny, their house had been for sale for nearly six months and Mopsy retuned about a month ago. It’s almost like she returned just in time to leave again.

There have been times in this past weeks that I feared Mopsy may have felt I had foresaken her for Faline and Charlie. In truth, I was prepared to integrate her into their midst if necessary this winter. I am convinced in the end, she knew the score and in fact, that single ride she took with me into the garage a week ago, she curled up and actually purred. Never in all our time together had she purred before, so that’s worth everything…

Sunday morning we went for our walk in the rain. As I passed her now vacant house, I could feel the tears in my eyes. I know. I know, she’s just a cat, right?

I had this thought, I don’t really do well with good-byes. Rather I was never taught how to say good-bye. All of my youth was spent with a parent who didn’t give me the chance to say good-bye. With every divorce, we would just vanish. Vanish from my school, vanish from my step siblings lives, vanish from a place that had seemed like home…I’ve carried all that with me into my adult years. I’m not good with good-bye, but that’s something I can change. Good bye doesn’t have to be traumatic does it? Maybe it doesn’t have to be sad either? Or at least more glad than sad in retrospect. And who’s to say you won’t meet again in this life or the next…


In honor of my dear friend and our adopted family member, Mopsy, I am going to try something new. Instead of a sad song, and me rambling on about being sad, telling you to watch a sad movie, we’re going to do this good-bye the way she deserved.

If you would indulge me fellow Travellers. I’m going to lay out a little visualization exercise.


Are you ready?

Imagination on…

The home that Mopsy’s owners have purchased has about an acre of land, and is separated from the nearest house just far enough that you can glimpse their roofline. She is no longer in the city proper.  It’s morning and the sun is beginning it’s rise into the sky, just there on the horizon..The sky is ribboned with pinks, oranges and blues. There is a beautiful lush green grassy yard. There are mature trees all around. The birds are singing, the grasshoppers are hopping (her favorite) and the squirrels are busy preparing for fall, squabbling about their upcoming dead lines. Mopsy is awake inside the shadowy house, stretching long and yawning big in someone’s bed. She hops down and softly pads her way to their back door. She looks out the glass doors and her pupils enlarge big as saucers to all the possibilities that meet her gaze. As the door opens, she leans back into her haunches and then springs out into the unknown. She has a new world to explore, new creatures to chase, new places to hide. It’s a new adventure. She is happy, healthy and home.

Now hit this link and close your eyes. Think about what I just said and at the end, if you would be so kind, say these words: God Speed Mopsy


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