This is for all of you people who haven’t seen anything good today…

Good evening Travellers,

After my Au revior to Mopsy, I had to take a beat. It’s still hard to believe that she is gone. Again. I find myself opening my front door each morning for her. Really it’s a “Just in case” open door, because you just never know… Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

Life moves on though and we still need to find a way to have a giggle, don’t we?

So, let’s divert ourselves from this seriousness and talk about something nonsensical. Yes, it’s a word. A word we should all use more often. Myself included. Doesn’t it sound delightful? Like something Mary Poppins would have sang about…

Have you had anything delightful happen in your life today?

I have two score options: the first is the psychedelic Alice in Wonderland type ambiance. Because what I’m about to talk about seems strangely fitting, say alongside a hookah smoking caterpillar or a rabbit with a pocket watch. OR you can choose this, which is more of a whimsical moonlit walk situation ala Audrey Hepburn circa Holly Golightly. It’s classical charm.

Are we ready?

Here are some words I really never thought I would say. (Remember, I’m still a dog person, who just happens to have two cats now.)

In the evenings, around 7:30, I have been walking Faline Dion on a leash around our back yard. (Yep, I just said that.)


NEVER IN ALL MY LIFE could I have foreseen myself participating in such a thing. Cats on leashes?!?!

Just look at this…


I know what you’re thinking: how in the hell do you get an apparatus like that onto a  cat without sustaining serious bodily harm? OR Are you even for real, who walks cats? OR Are you certain you haven’t gone to the dark side AKA became a crazy cat lady? (And that little outstretched back leg is everything.)

Am I right?

Here is how I get her into her harness:


Never had to teach her, she just cooperated from the get go. Faline actually purrs the entire time I am putting her harness on. Is that weird? It seems weird.  I have no comparative experiences here…


And then we go out the backdoor and our jaunt begins!


Let me first say, it’s not actually a’s more of an uneven meandering around the patio and backyard combined with periods of seated meditation. She also likes to unmercifully smack around any insects that cross our path.

Here’s abit of the wandering…


AND there is a lot of THIS….


For some reason, she likes to do an extreme version of downward facing pussy cat. Booty high in the air, just don’t care. Because she’s Faline Dion!! (A good friend, who is a cat owner, explained to me that this is perfectly normal cat behavior. WHAT? )


Here’s a moment of pause…



And now some deeper reflection…



The first time I saw someone with a cat on a leash, I truly thought that’s just f*cking nutballs. I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge because it’s actually quite delightful. And calming. Obviously, I think it all depends on the pussy cat at hand.

The greater lesson here is this: Joy can find you in the most ridiculous moments. Not all seemingly hairbrained ideas are bad. I tend to be a rather serious human, but when I let myself wander off my carefully orchestrated path, I so enjoy all the little weird detours. Consider this me daring you to go try something ridiculous and not enjoy it!

Some nights on our “walk” we, Faline and I, talk abit about Mopsy and her love of the outdoors. I tell Faline, if it hadn’t been for the Mop, I never would have found her. It’s funny how your life decisions can exchange sadness and happiness in a rather seamless manner, isn’t it?


I have two movies in mind: For those of you who went with the Jefferson Airplane track, the movie for you is The Game. This is one of those movies that the twist only works once, but it’s a helluva ride. One of Fincher’s best. I also feel it’s germane to the idea of surrendering your serious life for weird detours. But on a MUCH grander scale. (No coincidence the White Rabbit song plays in a scene of this movie.) Option number two, for the Audrey Hepburn fans, is Amelie. You only have to see this movie once, and I promise you it will stay with you all your life. Audrey Tautou reminds me of Hepburn abit and in terms of more recent films, you can’t find one that is more whimsical or charming.

For good measure, you should probably watch them both.




2 thoughts on “This is for all of you people who haven’t seen anything good today…

  1. Lindy Lizenbery

    Hi Amy, I’m glad to see this and happy that you are still writing. Loved the pics of Faline. She seems perfectly contented in her harness. Keep seeing, thinking and writing. You may never know how many seeds you are planting in the minds of those who read Around the Way Pussy. Lindy


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