Less Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming, More Doing, Doing, Doing

Good morning Travellers-

Last night one of my very favorite things about life on this planet occurred, the lightening bugs returned to my backyard. Or fire flies if you’d rather. I love their rapid flashes of fluorescent butt lights. I say butt lights because it is in fact the abdomen/booty area that is lighting up. Apparently, that’s how they signal and attract mates. What a fantastic weird life!!

I’ve also never been able to photograph them very well. When I’ve tried to film them, it feels like you miss out on their magic. And they are magic. Times like this remind me that I’m so glad I didn’t grow up with a cell phone, so glad all my memories of youth are real time brain storage versus being “in the cloud” storage. I always feel like nights like last night and these creatures have a dream like quality to them.

Anyways, after I wrote yesterday morning’s post, I started thinking about wishing, hoping and dreaming and how maybe I just need more doing…

I’ve had dreams all my life, not just while asleep, which are actual dreams, but in my waking mind, dreams. You know, DREAMS. I’ve always wondered do we all dream of greatness, or maybe what we believe is greatness? As I was cleaning the litter box, I realized as a woman owning a home that in many parts of the world, that’s not something I could have…out there is someone dreaming of the life that I may not fully appreciate.

I think my day dreaming saved me in my youth. I think my imagination took me away from the clear and present danger I was in. They were an escape. And in that dream world, I was always successful, loved and appreciated for who I was. But now, I’ve begun to rethink escaping and am more into being present and embracing.  So I’m switching up to goals now, with steps, and trying to be present and actively participate in the road that I’m traveling because my dreams feel more like a distraction if that makes sense. Goals for me feel concrete, tangible even..I can see it, I can check it off, but dreaming of the best version of what could happen, makes me giddy still. And I can only assume I’m not the only grandiose dreamer out there, am I? Maybe goals are your dreams solidified in plans. Still workin on that one..

Wishing. Wishing is for wells and fairy tales as far as I’m concerned. I’m not even a wish on a star person, more of a say hello to the moon person.  Even blowing out birthday candles have become a moment where I make a promise to myself about what I’m going to do with the next year of life. Some of those I’ve kept, some not so much. I feel like wishing is asking for something you didn’t make happen for yourself, like the universe is going to hand out a favor to you, which I’m not sure it does. I’m really leaning into that whole we make our own fate idea lately. And when it comes to promises, that’s another thing I’ve been thinking about, how I’ve broken promises to myself on those birthday candles…again, more doing, less of all the other things…

Hoping, when I hear the word hope, I think of Emily Dickinson, “Hope is a thing with feathers” It’s a poem of hers and she’s right, hope is like a bird, it keeps us buoyant when times are heavy. It helps us get up each day, but I’m not sure hope can survive without some action Jackson behind it. You can hope for all the good things to happen, hope things turn out alright, hope for the best, but if you don’t get into the arena and fight for those things, I’m not sure how long hope can fly.

I was thinking though about all the inspirational merchandise with these three words on it: Hope, Dream, Wish. All the bracelets, T-shirt’s, posters, mugs, memes and I love a good quote posted on IG as much as the next plebeian, but really in the end, it’s the doing isn’t it? The doing makes your dreams come to life, the doing is so much better than wishing and the doing makes you believe in yourself so maybe you don’t need hope as much because you find belief. Believing in yourself, that you can handle this life. Maybe the word “DO” on merchandise could be the next big thing?


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