All choices being equal

Ok, it’s still not 5am Travellers,

And here is why I’m not up at 5am. I didn’t get into bed last night till 11 and then a friend off mine texted me at 12:15, so we exchanged a few words and then I went to bed. Bad choices is why 5am is alluding me. One of the good things I learned from my ex is the importance of sleep. I believe it is one of the five things you have to practice for a healthy life, but that’s another post. Just did not choose well last night…

Further complicating my morning, is that this post is not coming to me with any kind of ease. And since I made myself a promise that I would do this EVERY DAY for 30 days at least, here I am. Because it’s not always diamonds in life, is it, there’s a lot of coal you have to mine as well. And that’s something about choice, I think the hard choices or the ones that we skirt to the side, those are the ones that define us. Being decisive is a skill. I used to think it was a character trait you were just born with, but I now believe it is something to be honed. Daily, and in all facets of life. See facets, like a diamond…

I’ve had several people say to me that my divorce is hard because the choice was made for me by my ex. And I hear that verbiage a lot, “the choice was made for you” Is that right? Because I think the reality is that HE made a choice and ALL choices ripple out into the pond called life. They sometimes create CHANGE that we did not choose per say. We share this world and our spaces with other humans, and their choices are going to affect us. BUT and this is a BIG BUT, I have a choice in what I do with those ripples. And I have a myriad of choices beyond that. And I think everyone needs to realize that in terms of your life happiness and our society.

I tend to think, and this is abit political for the morning, but I think the reason people are now so hostile over things like immigration and abortion and gay rights and guns and politics in general, is that you are afraid of the ripples. And the media/social media tend to forecast tsunamis when in fact, it’s just little ripples.

I think we should all consider how hard choice is for everyone else outside ourselves. I get caught up in my own life, which is pretty awesome when I look at the  global community. I’m sure you get caught up in your own life too. As an American or any citizen of a democracy, I think it’s important that you keep choice in perspective. I can’t imagine what it’s like to choose to leave your country and enter America illegally..I’m not saying it’s right, just think as a human, what does that take? I’ve never had an abortion, but I can’t imagine that choice is easy, can you? I don’t think being gay is a choice, as a good friend years ago said to me, why would I choose to be ostracized? Think of all the choices you will never have to make and maybe be grateful and then have empathy for those who do. That’s a choice. And here is a thought, we should all be grateful to make choices, that we have options. Every day is a choice and in order to craft the life we want, many choices have to be repeated to become the healthy habits we seek.

So that’s where I’m trying to frame my life. To stop fearing change and make choices. To stop beating myself up over choices. To make better choices in that I keep making choices. To realize we all have to surf that wave, and at it’s easiest it’s choosing what to wear and some days, it’s life and death. Or sometimes it just feels that way.

Lastly, abit off topic, but we’ll file it under “ask the internet”…yesterday I made the choice to assemble a piece of furniture from World Market for what was my ex’s office and is now slowly turning into my guest room. I had to assemble it twice, DON’T ASK, and just curious but, WHO THE F*CK IS ALLEN? AS IN ALLEN WRENCH? AND HOW DID HE CONVINCE ALL THE FURNITURE COMPANIES TO USE HIS DEMONIC TOOL FOR ASSEMBLY? (I’m looking at you IKEA) Talk about a tsunami of a choice, because “ I LOVE ALLEN WRENCHES” said NO ONE. EVER!

Below is my assembly assistant, Faline Dion, who also does not like Allen wrenches…AND, adopting her, one of my best choices…Happy Monday!!


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