Yoda says…

Good morning Travellers,

I just realized that if you are not in North America right now, it’s not morning, so I guess let’s say, good whatever time of day it is when this finds you,

Obviously if I’m going to come here everyday and write, there’s going to be some tangents that seem strange to you, but I assure you, this will all come back to where we are now…

I’m not sure how old I was when “The Empire Strikes Back” was released. I know my parents were still married because I remember being in the back seat and they were in the front seats when we left the movie. It’s funny how certain memories really stick in our minds, especially the random ones. What I remember was driving home from that movie and this song was playing on the radio because I remember the hook about “Why don’t we steal away..”… and I was grilling my Dad about “were they going to go after Bobba Fett and rescue Han Solo?”….something like, “They’re going to get him back, right???”” ad nauseam…

I also remember being enamored with Yoda. I had a Yoda notebook that I had all but forgotten until now. And I remember knowing that Yoda was designed by the man who did the Muppets, Jim Henson, whom I loved and the same man who gave Ms. Piggy a voice, Frank Oz, also did Yoda. In fact, I dare say Yoda sounds like a constipated Ms. Piggy now as an adult.

Over the years, people have pulled out what we’ll call the Tao of Yoda phrases from that movie, the main one being of course, “Do or do not, there is no try..” but I have to say that’s not my fave. And let it be said now, I don’t think I’ve seen Empire more than 4 times, so, again, this is the weird jelly that just sticks to your brain. Also, I do feel obligated to add it is the best of all Star Wars movies. My feelings about all the sequels/prequels are the equivalent to how I feel about Alien 3…which is not good, and we’ll leave that right there…

My favorite Yoda-ism comes from this scene, which has of course been posted in YouTube. Everything really can be found in the internet, can’t it? Someday when Google goes AI like Elon Musk has predicted, at least it will know good movies along with all the other crap that’s filling it’s virtual brain.

If you don’t wanna watch the clip, in summation the scene goes like this: On Dagobah, Luke has a vision of Han & Leila suffering in a cloud city, he tells Yoda and Ghostie Obi that he has to go, they say no, hell no, he says, “Screw y’all, I’m going to cloud city” and as he climbs into the X-wing fighter, Yoda says the words, “Mind what you’ve learned, save you it can…”

I think about that line often and how we repeat our lessons, otherwise referred to as mistakes, until we learn. The thing is I’m not always sure people realize they’re making the same mistake, because it seems that the characters change and the stage is different, but upon closer examination, you are making the same choice. And it’s not the right one. And instead of pausing to consider that possibility we just keep plowing on.

I’m really trying to examine what’s happened in my life up until now, it’s feels like reviewing the black box on a crashed flight. And I keep turning it over in my mind, was it all a mistake I’ve made before only I couldn’t see it..and this isn’t an exercise to berate myself, it’s important to me to learn here. I’m not sure if the mistake was the man, choosing the wrong man, or feeling betrayed by my own choices or maybe it’s that I’ve never allowed myself to know who I am outside a relationship. I’ve been perpetually involved with someone since I was a teenager. Maybe the lesson is I need to learn is about myself, know myself and then maybe know someone else. Less hiding, more seeking.

Also, I think it’s important as a woman to know YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF. That whole knight in shining armor, white picket fence, Disney princess bullshit is a disservice to our sex. Times have changed and what it means now to be a fulfilled woman is a far cry from June Cleaver. Remember the book mark a few posts back, make it a double as  a woman. At first, after my divorce, I felt like my safety had been taken by my ex. I know that sounds weird, but I had a role and a pattern of a life and someone to help with half. As each day passes though, I feel less and less afraid and more and more self sufficient. It’s a slow journey….

“Mind what you have learned, save you it can.” Trust me, it’s one to tuck away..

And for God’s sakes, if you’ve never watched Empire Strikes Back, do everyone a favor and go watch it….

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