Letting the outside IN


It’s gonna be a warm one today Travellers,

I wanted to start with a little PSA for the kindly concerned citizens and let you know that the threat that I described the day before yesterday has been handled. Not like Olivia Pope handled with some kind of blackmail or screwing the President, but there is a plan with a resolution in place.

Let’s talk about mornings again, because I didn’t really feel like a fair conversation was had on that particular day. And mornings are the million little beginnings that deserve their time. They deserve to be languished in. Mornings are where sunrises are born, mornings are another chance for everything. I know many people who are not morning people, my Ex was one of those people. I used to be one of those people, but somewhere along the way in life, BOOM, morning person. It’s surprising to me still sometimes.

There are three things I feel like I must do every morning to make it a good morning: brush and floss my teeth, make my bed & open many windows in my home for fresh air. That’s how I feel a new day begins… And I actually open the windows while I’m brushing my teeth and then there’s the pit stop to rub Charlie’s belly. As I open the windows, he and Faline come running like kids on Christmas morning, so excited to see what’s going on today. I think about that as well, maybe instead of dread we should try and frame each day with the excitement of what possibilities await us.

A little FYI caveat here, depending on the weather depends on how long they stay open. Kansas gets humid in summer and cold in the winter, so in the extremes, I may go 30 minutes, but we also get awesome Spring and Fall, so then we’re talking hours. BUT I do open them everyday.

Do you ever open your windows in your home and bask in the awesomeness that is the fresh air breezing in? There’s something about air that isn’t born of climate control isn’t there?  When you breathe it in and exhale, you might sigh a really great sigh. Like your lungs say AAHHHH. I tend to think humans don’t spend enough time outside. I’m not talking about camping expeditions because honestly I’m horrified by ticks and all their ticky diseases, I’m just talking about some time each day to experience a sliver of the world that we were actually born to live in. Humans are animals, I’ve said it before I’ll say it again soon I’m sure, and I don’t think that part of us thrives inside air tight buildings made of concrete, steel and fabricated wood. I think we have convinced ourselves that the man made world is better just because we made it. And we can control it. Think about how it feels to spend even 5 minutes in the sun or outdoors at all OR five minutes under artificial lights…I find inside gets to feeling stale and when you open up the windows, it feels refreshed.

One of my least favorite memories from childhood was living in a basement without true windows. It felt like a kind of prison of darkness, like I lived underground away from the world. And it was only made worse when I realized all my friends at school didn’t live like that. It made me sad and with each of my mother’s divorces, back into the bowels of my grandparent’s basement we went. I’m sure that’s a large reason why I love opening them now. I feel like everyday I greet the day and the world and I allow it to come into my home. I know it may sound silly to you, but I think that connection is so important for humans. Not just to each other but this world that we were born to as it offers a kind of peace that you can’t find anywhere else.

I also think fining joy, peace and happiness everyday even it’s smallest increments is crucial for a healthy life. SO much is made of diet and movement, but your mind is what drives the body and it’s a much better ride when you throw in some happiness. It’s amazing what a little joy can fuel in your life. There is this quote that I love and think of often that really sums is all up quite nicely.

And it’s Friday, try something new, open just one window and breathe.




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