Rabbit Rabbit and the Silence

Happy Monday Travellers,

I woke up near 5am, does that count? It was 5:15, so I say that counts…I know close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. We went for our morning walk and the bun buns are out in full force now. Bun buns are rabbits in case you aren’t familiar with that slang reference. Which brings me to “Rabbit Rabbit”. Until recently, I always thought “Rabbit Rabbit’ was something my friend’s son or he had made up of their own volition, but then Sarah Jessica Parker mentioned it an interview when she began her book imprint business. Then I checked the internet, because that’s what we do now right? And lo and behold, “Rabbit Rabbit” is a legitimate thing.

Are you familiar with “Rabbit Rabbit’?

Here’s how this works, according to my friend’s version, on the morning of the first day of each month, the first words you need to say upon awaking are “Rabbit Rabbit”. Sounds easy enough, but it’s not. He has actually started texting me the night before as a reminder because I was just not getting it done. The first words that tend to come out of my mouth in the morning are some form of greeting to any one of my furry kids. They sleep in the same room as me and the cats sleep on my bed, so when you have one them staring you down in the face first thing each day, “Rabbit Rabbit” does not come to mind.

But this morning, I did it!!! First words out of my mouth!!

Probably because at 5:15, the furry ones were still asleep.

What is “Rabbit Rabbit” suppose to do? It’s some kind of good luck charm they say. It’s suppose to actually give you a whole month of good luck. And it’s in the internet, so it must be true, am I right?? What is it with rabbits? When did they become a symbol of luck? I could see them as a symbol of getting lucky because bun buns reproduce at a rate like no other animal on Earth. Yet you never see them in the act…There are people who carry their dead fuzzy feet as good luck charms as well. Apparently there is also a version of this little morning ditty that uses “White Rabbit” as well, which only makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and the tardy rabbit she follows downtown the hole. Not sure Alice would say that Rabbit was lucky.

Anyways, weird things we humans do…and let’s not even get started on the power and mythos of  seeing 11:11 on your clock.

Changing lanes, something I’ve been very aware of lately is how I have become surprising comfortable in silence. How peaceful and still a quiet house is. How peaceful a walk in the 5 o’clock hour is before the world is largely awake. One of the things that made me super uncomfortable during the months leading up to my ex leaving was the idea of all the silence that was going to fill my life. Coming home to a silent house, or just knowing that if I didn’t make any noise, it would be silent. There would be less conversation in my life. I thought I would have to leave a TV on at all times to make it okay, but that has not proven to be necessary.

In America right now, it’s about to be Fourth of July, which means fireworks. EVERYWHERE. And people are already shooting them off at night. My neighborhood turns into a battle field on the 4th and my fur kids just lose their minds. They get so scared by all the noise. And since our home has become more quiet as of late, it’s a really stark contrast. They seem extra loud this year or maybe it’s just that they make the silence even more silent.

I think there is a lot to be said for being comfortable in a quiet space. Alone with no distractions. Like meditation. I think our brains need a space in which there is no sensory input outside of the quiet. I dare say the silence feels energizing for my soul. In fact, I think silence is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been. The oddest thing about it all is that my mind actually ceases to think as much in the quiet. It actually seems to lay down and rest. Which is something we all need in this world.

I really like this SONG on Monday mornings, and it’s topical. And Bjork is an artistic bad asss. Enjoy!!

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