Whoever said last man standing wins didn’t ask the girl to play

Hola Travellers,

If you were wondering where I was this morning, I was here typing away and then POOF, no power. I actually knew my charge was low but thought it would be enough. It wasn’t. Such is life.

Here it is:

I’m going to detour this morning abit. I was going to talk about movement, but I changed my mind. Why? PMS. I have it, women get it and it’s very distracting to life in general. For one week, the highway in my brain is now flooded with estrogen. In fact, I would like to formally challenge any man to handle a period/Aunt Flo/menses/the painters ONE TIME, AND the accompanying PMS. One time, one month of the female experience, with the appropriate genitals of course. I think we could establish a better rapport if you people with penises knew what kind of strength it takes a woman to survive THAT week out of each month.

A little story here, in college I had a boyfriend who insisted women made up PMS as an excuse to be bitchy. I was a rather quick witted 19 year old and replied, “We don’t need PMS for that, we have men.” If a man had to experience what this is like, none of you would EVER say shit like that…and women might be less bitchy.

Which leads me to why on Earth do we have the pervasive belief, should I call it a belief, that men are the stronger sex?

I’m not really sure where I fall on the scale of believing we live in a patriarchal society or feminism. I absolutely believe in equal pay, equal voting rights, equal treatment under law, equality in the eyes of whatever God you believe and just decency between the sexes. I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt that “the man” is trying to hold me down. Yes, the man has hit on me, made inappropriate gestures, and behaved abhorrently at times and yes, some of the men I have met are wildly sexist. BUT many are not. Some of you, men, are more supportive of women than women themselves. Because the sad part is, I find there are a staggering number of women I have met who are not on Team vagina. They are not down with equality, they do not want to acknowledge the power of female body.

Do you remember when John McEnroe made the rather brash statement about Serena Williams in 2017 being an awesome player as women go and a great athlete, BUT she wouldn’t be as highly ranked IF she played men. Seriously? What fuckery is that? Unfortunately, I think his opinion is what most people believe, no matter how strong a woman is, she will always be weaker that a man.

WHY is that a thing?

I recognize that John’s professional persona has always been one of a cocky douchebag, I mean he made a career out of it, however Serena Williams is easily one of the greatest athletes to ever live, man or woman. She doesn’t need to beat a man to prove that either. AND she is a woman who came back to play after having a baby. Like turned around on a dime and played. THEN got criticized for that outfit.  I would like to see a MAN do that…because let’s be honest she’s fucking Athena reborn.

Let’s talk about that for a second, the Greeks and the Gods. It never really seemed like a man versus woman thing there in terms of “who’s the strongest” they were all just different and imbued with their own powers. Why can’t men and women have that relationship? Instead of who’s stronger blah blah blah, how about appreciating each other for what we are and leaving it at that? Do we really want to diminish each other to prove who is stronger? And how can we even compare ourselves when we are completely different outside of being human?

I say all this as a female athlete. I work out because I LOVE it. I love to sweat, love the challenge and I cross train through everything. I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that the reason my solution worked for my anorexia is because I was an athlete before my stepfather went rogue. I’ve always been an athlete, and returning to work outs was like finding my way home. And thru the years it has become an even stronger home.

The title of this post is actually from a shirt I’ve had for 20 years, it’s from a Nike campaign, and I have it in two colors. Not because I’m a feminist, but because I believe women are as strong as men, maybe it’s not brute strength but there is a strength that is required to survive having a uterus that men cannot understand. Women are fighters, women have endured, women don’t give up, isn’t that strength?

Wanna see a girl beat some ass? Watch the movie “Girlfight” first film that Michelle Rodriguez was in, think it’s her best role still….this one will stay with you for along time. And if you’re a strong woman, this one is definitely for you!!

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