Moving right along

It’s Friday afternoon Travellers,

How are you feeling today? I sometimes think we are all so busy here on Earth that we don’t REALLY take time each day to REALLY feel how we feel. Like all the parts, the mind, the body, not just the emotions. Do you know what I mean? SO, How’s that going AND if all is not well, are you going to do something about it?

I believe the human body is the greatest machine ever built. However you think we came to be, the bodies that we each occupy remain one of the most intricate, astounding means of conveyance on Earth.

Yes, I am serious.

Just look at what it can do!! I believe the body is the vehicle of the mind and the soul/you-ness. You only get one in each life and I can tell you after passing 40, that the choices you have made become the sum of your age. Genetics are the hand you are dealt, but it’s always how you play the hand that matters in the end.

Aging in and of itself is not the issue, it’s the mileage/ride you’ve taken that really changes your life. Good news is, the body can rebuild, it can recover, it will adapt because it can learn and become stronger. It is fucking amazing, and everyone has one. Yours is just as amazing as mine and the person sitting next to you and the person next door. I actually do not believe that any one body was built better, we were just built different. With one common denominator: we need to move. Everyday.

Ok, there are four other commonalities you need to do each day, but this is the high dive I’m jumping off today….

Did you just sigh?

Hear me out and by the by, the reason I told you about my anorexia before was to illustrate everything I just said. If I can find my way home, anyone can. Did I mention that too, your body is your home.

As I’ve been going thru the CPT course, they talk about physical assessments with clients and where to begin, looking for restriction and over active muscles, flexibility, stability etc. BUT never mention something that I believe is super important. The beliefs and experiences an individual has about moving in and of itself.

AS IN: Were you an active child, were your parents active with you, was movement something you were encouraged to do, no matter how skilled you were or weren’t at it? Did your parents use sports as an intimidation situation? Were you scolded for being a poor athlete? Were you someone who got picked last in P.E. class? Did you have physical education in school as a kid?  Were you afraid of things like dodge ball? Were you the kid who got picked on by bigger kids? Were you bullied or physically harmed in any way? Were you just “not good” at sports in your youth? How’s your coordination? Do you feel comfortable or clumsy in your body? Do you feel connected to yourself or do you just not like your body? Do you hate your body? Did kids OR do adults now make cruel remarks about your appearance?

BECAUSE ALL THOSE THINGS MATTER AND EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT STORY. How can I affect a life change if I don’t know where you’ve been inside?

Myself, I was tomboy, I could keep up with the boys and was very active. My parents were active, I spent most of my evenings outside playing. I was an athlete until my stepfather laid a hand on me in junior high, then with that divorce and changing schools, I became completely dislodged from my body. Kids also picked on me because I was new, and I had no idea how to work with all the things that happened to me. Then came the anorexia and years of detachment from myself. I thought I buried all the shittiness deep down enough that I would be fine. I was wrong, and I think I always knew.

When I look back at where I was and where I am now, it’s a helluva of ride. And I have all the scars to prove it. We all have a journey and new beginnings don’t always start with happiness. The diet/exercise industrial complex of America wants to sell you a big shiny 30/60/90 day solution but a good relationship with movement is a lifetime ride. And that does sound like forever and like Prince sang, forever is mighty long time, but I can assure you there is no better offer than the body you are sitting there in right now.

Maybe this is the part where you get up and move! We can talk about it more, later…


Happy Weekend to you!! How about a little MUSIC? I LOVE this song…









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