Don’t drink the water

And we’re back to Sunday again Travellers,

I had this idea about this little endeavor of mine last night…If you’ve watched a television show thru it’s entirety, you usually have several story arcs and then subplots and random one off episodes. That’s what I’m going to do here because to produce material everyday is going to require more than one arc, don’t you think?

Today we are going back to the healthy arc in our story…because it is such a big piece of who I am. And I genuinely want to help people live better lives. I thought I would try a different approach to this particular topic because it seems like just saying something is good for you doesn’t move the marker like it should to me…

Starting with this SONG, which you must listen to, so you catch the irony….and it’s Dave Matthews, LIVE…nothing says summer like live music…

So we’re going to talk about water…did you just roll your eyes at me? That’s no way to start off a conversation…

When I get asked, and I do a lot, what can I do to get in better shape/ feel better/ lose weight etc. etc. the first thing I ask is: Do you drink water? And the answer is generally no, and I don’t like the way it tastes is the follow up…which I sort of giggle inside at, because really the problem is the lack of taste…Humans have become so addicted/acclimated to all beverages having excessive flavor, I think that’s a more appropriate thing to say, you don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a “FUNTASTIC” taste, do you? Be honest now…it’s plain, it’s not exciting. Sometimes good things are just not flashy.

Secondly, you are addicted like a cocaine addict to your sodas and your Starbucks and fruit juices because of the sugar. The craptastic super sugary shit that is in those drinks. Don’t even get me started on the artificial shit. In case you live under a rock, there have been a number of studies published recently showing that sugar consumption has the same effect on your brain as cocaine…read that again..AND I’m talking numerous, not just one study…which is why you get headaches when you stop drinking all this craptastic liquid, because you are going thru withdrawal…have you ever heard of someone going thru water withdrawal or apple withdrawal or veggie withdrawal? NO, no you have not, because good things don’t cause withdrawal…

For years all you hear about is FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT, don’t eat the fat while sugar was sneaking in the back door. I can villainize the FDA, which is an easy mark, or rather I can offer you this: It always seems in a pair of parents, one parent wants to let their child have everything their heart desires, or rather they are the good cop…THAT IS THE FDA. They are THAT parent. The FDA has allowed Americans to believe that if a product is on the shelf in a store it can’t be too bad for you, right? And in land of the free, we don’t like being restricted do we? Even if it means living better…that is the honest truth…you want to reserve the right to not feel awesome.

A few years ago, this cook book was published,which is nothing notable, but it was one of the earliest times I heard the term “cultural appropriation” used because it was called Thug Kitchen, and the author was caucasian, which isn’t what I want to draw attention to, it was the second part of the title, “Eat like you give a f*ck” which I loved in it’s boldness and honesty…we all need to realize that the health you have is largely the one you choose…yes, I realize people get diseases and unfortunate illnesses occur without our choosing to all of use , BUT BUT BUT healthy lifestyle choices make even the worse situations better.

Remember what I said about how this is your one body? And when you wake up asking yourself, “How do I feel?” Here’s the thing, drinking enough water is one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of feeling good. AND it is the simplest piece of the whole health equation to accomplish. Water makes your brain work better, water helps your food process better, water helps you age better…that last one should get your attention, because aren’t we all wanting that? If I can’t appeal to your common sense, let’s try the ego…dehydration, not good for the skin/hair/nails AND MORE IMPORTANTLY that sugary shit you are drinking that I feel like has to pried out of your cold dead hands, yea, it’s making you older, wrinklier, slower, achier, crankier, more depressed, more anxious, and it does some whack crap to your tongue as well…why do you want any of that? Because it tastes good? It actually causes your cells to not repair as well and inflammation, inflammation, inflammation people!!

Seriously, COME ON!!

In case you haven’t noticed, all other life on Earth requires water…much of our world is covered in water AND the animal that is you was meant for water. I said it before, let me say it again: WATER makes your brain work better, AND your gut, which eases mental health issues, WATER helps you poop, yes, I said the word poop, because poop is an accurate barometer of what’s going on inside your body…water is God’s natural laxative, can’t poo? Drink a large glass of water..Remember, your body is your vehicle AND cars use water in their cooling system, JUST LIKE US!!!  And guess what, your craptastic sugary beverages tend to dehydrate you…because there is usually caffeine in it as well.

So a little reverse psychology: Don’t drink the water, don’t feel more awesome, don’t age better, don’t think clearer or feel happier, don’t ever poop because you’re not drinking any or enough water.



Treat your body like you give a fuck!!…your body is a gift, no matter how imperfect…but it is a gift that requires care like a cat, dog, plants, house, car, really everything in your life requires care, doesn’t it? Even relationships require care and maintenance, so get yourself a good water bottle and start caring about yourself, because and write this down and put it on your fridge, “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!!!”

Be strong, you can do the thing, may the force be with you!!!

Oh and beautiful clouds need water to exist too!!


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Thanks for coming, see you tomorrow!!!

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