“A” is for alien

Ciao Travellers,

It’s Monday morning, everyone’s favorite day, am I right? I actually think Mondaze gets a bad rap, and let’s be honest, the way you see Monday depends on the lens you are choosing to view it through…

New idea, actually old idea, but reimagined as an adult… another story arc…I want to do this on Mondays to fun up the day, because when you were young, you probably didn’t hate Mondays, did you? I’m talking grade school age, 4ish-8ish ageish, do you remember that time and how the world had nothing but possibilities? There was recess and naps and snacks and learning was fun because it was all new and wondrous.

When I was somewhere in that age range, I had a teacher who did this exercise with the letters of the alphabet. We all had empty lined notebooks for the activity and it seems like it was a weekly lesson. We started at the beginning of the alphabet and we would draw the letter in whatever size we wanted. Then we would turn it into anything we wanted using crayons and pens AND we also had to write a story about it…to this day, one of my very favorite things I ever did in school. Because I’m an imaginative person and as kids, I think we all are because the world has not had it’s way with us yet. We aren’t ground down in the rules and restrictions of “being an adult” and all that bullshit.

I invite you to play along with me…because you might find something you lost along the way to adulting….
Also, let me stress this is just an exercise of imagination, nothing more or less AND it’s important to work out your brain via imagination. I find one of the greatest benefits of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy brain. And that should be talked about more in our society. Exercising your body or mind helps stave off dementia, Alzheimer’s and eases mental illness symptoms. Because without the mind, the body is just a shell.


“A” is for alien, as a kid, I would have turned the A into a spaceship and drew cute little green aliens inside and then made up some fun story about them coming to earth and eating popcorn and talking to my cat, because let’s be honest if anyone could communicate with cute aliens, it would be a cat…the aliens would have had great names like Frank and Hilda and we would have had an adventure where my cat would have Jedi mind powers and save us from some awful threat, like a rogue polka dot vacuum or something. It would ultimately be colorful, silly and joyful, as most of my stories were as a kid.

Now here’s the twist, as an adult, where would my imagination go now?

I just saw a trailer for the new Brad Pitt movie that’s a whole space/save the planet from his crazy Dad situation and it reminded me of the many stories of humans jettisoning Earth. It’s all the “we decimated or polluted Earth so badly/large asteroids/hostile replicants/aliens/sun imploding etc etc” books and movies that seem to appear all the time…To further my imaginative letter “A” story, I would add in the pyramids and stories of alien abduction. When we had cable, the History channel or Discovery had all the conspiracy theory shows and the thing that always intrigued the hell out me was these reputable professors from Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton etc. giving credence to some of this stuff. While I think most of that is just mental gymnastics, there was this interesting show about the pyramids and how they are all seated in alignment with the four cardinal directions. And several of the major temples are aligned on a circular axis when viewed from a space vantage…that’s fucking weird, am I right?

My thoughts for the letter “A” are: what if Earth is the planet we fled to? What if WE are actually aliens here on this planet? What if evolution/the Creation story is something that was created to satiate our curiosity about our origin and to prevent us from searching out how we really got here? What if the reason we have never traveled beyond the moon is to prevent us from figuring it out? What if all the abduction stories with anal probing were true, which based on what I said about poop yesterday would make sense, they are testing out poop to see how we are doing since it’s an indicator of health? (No, I’m not going to say poop everyday!)

Here’s my Riff: I would turn the letter “A” into a spaceship, only inside would be a man and woman with a cat of course, because the Egyptians were all about the cats…let’s assume we arrived somewhere just before the time of the Egyptian Mesopotamian era, because we are into stylish architecture. It reminds us of our home planet. Oh, and the Mayans, obviously aliens, because their temples are also on that circular axis situation…Anyways, for entertainment our race likes to work hard and we build and build and build. Some of us work on the ground and some of us are in space guiding construction from our spaceship vantage point. We are appreciative of organization, maybe even abit anal retentive, and that’s why all those structures are aligned.

However, the natives begin to get restless. The mysterious disappearance of the Mayans, yea, they were just badly behaving badly, so they were removed and taken to another planet in a galaxy far far away. To give credence to the theory of evolution and continental drift, our bodies were re-engineered to look different here on Earth in hopes that we would learn to accept each other. We were made in different sizes, colors, sexual identities because where we came form, we all looked the same and that didn’t work out so well. There was hope that we would do better on this planet than the one we came from. There was hope that this would be our home because we had travelled so far from our true origin to get here.

I’m gonna leave it there because like the kid I was before, the adult I am now still enjoys a more optimistic kind of story. And the story of humans on this planet isn’t over yet, is it? I think we could have the greatest comeback story of all time if we wanted, don’t you?

Look, Faline is waiting for the mother ship…:)



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