Dawdling along…

Good evening Travellers,

We now bring you your regularly scheduled program but moving at the speed of dawdle. That’s my speed on Saturdays, and I just learned an awesome new turn of phrase for dawdling, “Frittering time away”…it makes me smile just typing it and the vastness of the internet will never cease to amaze me. And language is awesome isn’t it?

After a day of frittering time away, I DID go to the house with the clock, we’ll come to that in second. First, I have to ask, do you have habits that annoy you? As in, you annoy yourself with the behaviors that you fail to change. Dawdling for me is a two way street, I simultaneously enjoy it and get annoyed with myself for doing it. Because there’s a middle ground there, where I could do better. Do you know what I mean? I have been having a day of being annoyed with myself…

I was thinking as I was driving on this highway towards the house about all the open land. And that the openness was once this entire country and the humans who lived here, lived on that land. I can’t even imagine that life. It always makes my modern day problems seem abit null and void. Survival versus time management, GO. The only structure of their day was probably the sun rising and setting. Sleeping on the land with no bed. Imagine how quiet it would have been at night out in the open plains. Do you think they felt free out in that wide open space? Because they didn’t live in the constraints of modern life. I wonder how many of them were happy in their lives, do you think they examined their lives, as in mental gymnastics, as much as we do now? Do you think they dawdled?

I’m usually really big on taking pictures while driving on any little adventures, my Instagram is full of them, which in my defense is not texting, it’s taking pictures. When I was driving on this excursion, I couldn’t do that, because it was a curvey road and I hadn’t driven on it before so I do actually try to be careful most of the time. BUT I saw three kinds of wild flowers, fields of corn, which are always beautiful in their filed rows. I saw three stone houses of varying shapes and sizes. I love old houses, I feel like they have life in them and a character of their own. There was one very bright little red bird that swooped from tree to tree in front of my car, not a cardinal, he was a sharper red with a black smudged tail. And my favorite odd thing, the hay bails, which are like organic monoliths on the fields they occupy. I don’t know why I like them, something about how perfectly round they are against the flat plain. As a non-farming human, they’re kind of comforting to me.


The house came up on me pretty quick and this highway is only two lanes, one going each way, so I had to pull into their half circle driveway, just to be able to pause for a moment. Of course, I had to get out and take a picture, because well, here you are waiting to see…am I right? It didn’t look like anyone was home, so I quickly got out and took a few shots. Technically, I was not in their lawn, because there was well, land, and I was nowhere near the front door. Okay, I guess I was on their lawn ever so slightly. I cannot possibly be the first person to stop and take a picture. And by the way, if the owners of the house should find this post, your house is lovely, but you need to reset that clock. I’m not sure how one goes about doing that, but just a heads up. You probably already know, it’s on your house. It’s like your house has food in it’s teeth and no one wants to say anything.

AND there WAS a large storage situation going on off to the left of the house. Like a small warehouse where Dr. Jones might be I dunno, hiding the Ark….I didn’t take any pictures of that area, just in case…I’m mostly joking…

Here you are…




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