Hunting the green monster

Good evening fellow Travellers,

It’s Sunday, we’re back again, at either the start or then end…I think for me Sunday is the start, like I’m on the tarmac preparing to take off. Sundays are a day of preparation for me. There’s dog walking, lawn mowing, laundry, salad prepping and whatever else needs to get done to get my week off the ground so to speak…

See I just snuck the salad thing in there, that’s why I’m here today, to make the case for VEGG. As in veggies, vegetables, and greens. As in the thing that Americans and well, I can’t speak the rest of you because I don’t live in your country, but I tend to think many countries live in veggie deprivation whether by choice or by access. Veggies are a big deal. They are THE big deal that most people are missing…

I can tell you that your life would greatly improve if you ate more veggies because mine did. Yes, I DO believe in bio-individuality as I said, but there are some universal facts when it comes to diet. Water is necessary, craptastic sugar will not get it done and every body needs veggies. You feel how you eat. NOW if you are an individual with an intestinal affliction like Crohns or ulcerative colitis or you are missing certain digestive enzymes, veggies will be a struggle. And I’m not a doctor, but I do believe you should try and work something out to get your veg on. There is something about fresh produce and how it makes you feel when you eat it that I have no words for…

Oh, enjoy, perhaps you are thinking, YUCK YUCK YUCK to veggie, really?? If you are an avid eater in fast food lanes and restaurants, I would ask do you eat ANY veggies?  And when you wake up, how do you feel? HOW DO YOU FEEL? That’s a huge one when we are eating. Do you pay attention to how you feel after you have just eaten? More over, what about texture, does your food crunch or have varying textures beyond mush? I really like my food to be interesting, like a variety of tastes and textures, softness or crunchiness, sweetness versus spicy ness, do you ever think about that? Or are you just filling the hole in a hurry without thinking? Consider it, the next time you sit down to dine. You have to eat your whole life, shouldn’t you feel awesome during and afterwards?

What is your life worth to you? Here me out…people tell me that my lifestyle takes too much time and is just no fun…The thing is though the way I eat fuels living versus recovery. If you eat craptastic food, someday it’s going to catch up and you will live from a state of recovery. Recovery could mean you just have no energy so you are in a constant state of exhaustion just trying to survive life or you end up with ailments that require procedures that you have to recover from…think about that…

I could go on for several thousand words about why you should eat more veggies, but I’ve come here to do more show and less tell today…I encourage everyone to eat salads for one meal a day but I’ve come to realize that most people don’t know what that looks like…it looks like AWESOME, so I’m here to show you that awesome..I can’t site any studies that prove what I’m saying is true, but I have a tenth of century behind me in personal experience saying it’s worked and yea, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Are you ready? Buckle up buttercups…

SO, this is the dreaded Kale monster…oh Kale, where do I start, from left to right , we have red russian, curly and lacinto. I would say red Russian has the meatiest leaf, curly, the softest and lacinto the crunchiest. The stem on lacinto is a feisty one, so if you don’t end up wanting that kind of crunch volume strip the stems and eat the green leafier part. There are a number of theories on how to eat kale to get your nutrients, and I’m not really sure that any one way is more right than any other. Sometimes I feel like when it comes to things like that, we are a trendy species and just pick whatever theory is most popular. My theory is EAT IT. That’s it, actually CLEAN IT WELL and EAT IT. ..the guy on the right is red chard otherwise called Swiss Chard…it’s abit prehistoric looking but quite good…

Here’s what we’re gonna do, You need to get yourself a good salad spinner, THIS one is the one I use and have for at least three or four years now. And you don’t need to pay big money for one of these, it’s not a freaking porsche you’re driving on the highway…

Next I either cut or tear up the various greens under water, because you want to wash shit out of your greens, LITERALLY, you need to make sure they are clean, you don’t want to eat any poop, that’s how you end up sick on the news…(I was going to say fecal, but I’m starting to feel obligated to mention poop.)


…so now you have a sink full of veg. BASK in this moment, YOU ARE GOING TO EAT THAT WHOLE SINK OF VEG. That is righteous my friends…bunnies would be proud and envious, they only dream of such a thing…

From here, you are going to spin out whatever quantity of veg you have decided to conquer so proudly. As a guideline, I can usually spin out three semi packed loads of veggies for a week. I store the fist two spin amounts in a bag and then leave the third in the spinner, and I dry out the clear container from excess water…oh, and I also add this:


OH, red cabbage, you indeed complete me, or at least a good salad. Side note, red cabbage is like crack cocaine for my dogs. To say they LOVE IT , would be an understatement. They also like curly kale, carrots, broccoli and cooked zucchini.


Now before you say, “I’m not eating a pile of (insert whatever explicative applies) greens” let me show you something:



See, you dress up your greens, LOOK at that. I added, blueberries, apples, feta cheese, pecans, tiny tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, and a handful of baked chicken. You can see there is spinach in this salad as well. Because I like to change it up, but stick with things that have a lot of color, color is a good indication of nutrients. Stick with greener greens, there’s a lot to choose from and season’s will affect availability. And don’t murder the art work with shitty dressing. Find something good, something clean without unnecessary ingredients. Nothing craptastic.

Here’s my last hurrah, eating well it makes you feel well. I’m not here to live a life span of Yoda, but I want whatever I have to be as awesome as it can be. Eating greens are good for your intestinal health, which in turn is good for your immunity and also, there a mountain of research that has determined the health of your flora/tiny monsters in your intestines has a lot to do with mental health. And you you’ll poop better. There are very few things you can eat that can pitch that kind of advertising and be honest about it.

Happy hunting!!



2 thoughts on “Hunting the green monster

  1. Glenda

    Trying again to leave a comment here – ok, I could possibly eat that kind of salad. I’d want to leave out the Avacado (I know they’re healthy, but I just don’t care for them!) And I usually include Carrots & Radishes in my salads. Are they good for you too or just to my taste buds? You said to not use any “craptastic” dressing – do you use any dressing at all on yours? If so, what? I really would like a “little” dressing….


    1. Yes, yes carrots and radishes are good for you..and yes,I do use dressing. I really like Hilary’s brand for the longest time, but it seems to be petering out, so I’ve moved onto other brands


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