“C” is for Crescent Moon

And How’s your Monday morning Travellers?

It’s been raining here, so no morning walk, in fact, I can’t honestly say I even got up remotely on time for a walk. I struggled to find my way into bed last night, so it’s good that it rained, makes me feel less of a loser for not getting up on time…

You know what day it is, and since the third time is the charm, a brief quid pro quo… Mondays here in this space are for reminding us of the wonder that lives in our imaginations long forgotten in the ravages of adulthood. Today, let’s embrace Monday for what it can be, another day to squeeze out some less serious silliness.

The lay of land here is simple, we take the letter and turn it into anything you want…I seem to be creating things that start with letter as well, I’m not sure that I recall that being part of the exercise, I think it’s just my sense of order or logic. There are no limits here, so make your “C’ into whatever your heart desires, wherever your mind leads you…and don’t forget the story for it…in fact, you may want to look back at the “A” and “B” posts for inspiration…

Thinking back as a child I can see so many possibilities here. I was a big fan of Sesame Street, so I keep thinking about “C” is for cookie and Cookie Monster, but that would not have been original. I think about clocks because a “C” is half of a circle is it not? I would have been learning about time in school. But time doesn’t really matter as a child, or at least I never really cared about it. Then I thought of Cat. I may have turned the half circle into a face of a cat. But in the end, I actually think I may have turned it into a crescent moon, because I feel like I remember that and drawing a little face on it and stars around it. Maybe one little star was attached with a string hanging from the tip. Because I wouldn’t have wanted the moon to be alone, this way they could be friends up in the big sky. It’s an oddly clear memory, but I can’t remember the story I wrote…and they all had smiley faces…

I have a song for this one, and it’s funny because this is Chris Cornell, and HELLO, unintentional double “C”s there, and whether or not you liked John Lennon’s personal politics on this one, it still feels like hope and possibility underneath all that…Chris Cornell for me, was a part of my youth, the Seattle Sound and I don’t tend to cry for celebrity deaths, but I remember my eyes welling up at work when I saw his death on the Internet and it was a shock. He is now and for me always will be one of the greatest voices in music, a voice that was part of my young life…you should listen to this one…

As an adult, I would still turn the “C” into a crescent moon, only no little star friend attached on a string because I know that we are on our own in this world and the best of our friends are not always hanging onto us. Being on your own is alright. I also know that the moon shines on in it’s solitude despite anything else going on down here on Earth. It is a reliable presence that we can all count on. Oddly, I can honestly say that I forgot about the night sky during most of my 20s and 30s. It just seems like my gaze remained very here on Earth or I remained very contained each night under shelter and never thought to give it a look. I actually don’t think I was as aware in those decades as I am now that life is full of beauty. I do remember being out under the stars with boys as a teenager and everything felt so possible…

In the past few years, I find myself outside on the patio more at night or even if I’m out driving, I am drawn to looking up. I feel like I’ve just rediscovered the moon. It feels like it’s there to keep me company. To let me know I’m not alone. Every night in some form, there it will be reliably shining. And the moon cycle is magical in all of it’s various stages of illumination. Don’t even get me started on all the perceived powers of the moon, because that’s all very fascinating too, isn’t it? Or how about what it must have been like years ago, to be here with nothing but the moon lighting up the sky.

And I think of the lyric, “We all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun” I know, Lennon, again, but he was so right. No matter how shitty your day, how deep the well of your problems may seem, or whatever heartbreak you are in the thralls of, life keeps going. When I sit with Faline and look up at that moon, I know I’m not alone, because down here on Earth, millions of people are under the same moon, facing similar struggles and joys. And who knows how many of us are looking up at the same time marveling at the vastness of the universe. We are each just a grain of sand aren’t we? And that is humbling and oddly comforting, isn’t it?

And here, my life seems to once again be full of possibilities…




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