“D” is for dragons and doorways

Good Morning Travellers,

If you haven’t been here before on a Monday, this will possibly seem odd. Because we are not here to dread Monday’s arrival, but instead celebrate it with a creative vigor that is quite possibly missing from you life. Let’s begin…

The letter “D” is our starting point today.  It’s a capital “D” by the way, you can use lower case letters if that serves your art better. I forgot to mention that earlier, my bad.

What would you make with a “D” as a kid?

The first thing my inner child seemed to recall all of those years ago was a dragon. Now, I’m not the kind of artist who would have worked at Marvel, so I’m pretty sure I would have laid the “D” down on it’s spine, so the hump became it’s back and then I would have curled a tail in front and a head on the other end. He would have had little scales which are like tiny “v”s and been green. He would be taking a nap of course after a long day of herding his sheep. Because my dragon would have been friendly and cared for a flock of sheep. They would wonder the mountains and solve the crimes of the local bunnies. I think the reason I thought of a dragon is because I was quite taken with “Puff the Magic Dragon” as a kid. And if you haven’t seen it, I found it on YouTube and it’ll be the most heart warming/entertaining 25 minutes of your life today should you choose to watch it.

I also however thought the “D” in my childhood may have been again laid on it’s spine and turned into a brilliant sunrise with lots of orange and yellow toned rays. Probably had a smiley face. In fact, I remember everything having smiley faces, like the creative assumption of my childhood was that everything and everyone was happy. The clouds, the sun, the dragon, I thought of the “D” maybe being a rainbow, which would have been smiling too. But I’m gonna go with the dragon because he would have made the best story, which if you recall is the other part of this exercise. Creatively change the letter and tell an imaginative story…..

AS an adult, what I see is we leave the “D” upright and it would be a doorway.  I would draw two smaller shaped “windows” inside, one upper and one lower. The lower window is for Faline, so she can still look out at the world. And yes, the shape would stay all curvy and unreal. I would paint it some wild color. One thing I really like as an American is how in other countries your houses and doors are painted fantastic colors. There are cities I’ve seen online that are a riot of color in their residential districts and that feels celebratory and joyous to me.

Colored oddly shaped doors remind me of Dr. Seuss, who’s real name was Theodor Suess Geisel. I was and am still a huge fan of Dr. Suess. My fondest childhood memories are split between his work and Jim Henson. As an adult, I look at these two people and marvel how they crafted a world of their own unlike anyone else’s AND managed to get everyone to join in. For decades. They changed childhood for millions, and that is an accomplishment few can boast.

I’m choosing a doorway because I think that’s what choices are in this life. They are each a doorway thru which we pass. Some doors need a key, or seem to have a secret knock, or a lesson you have to learn first in order to open said portal. Some doors remain locked all our lives or so it may seem. I think some doors are a two way situation, as in you can pass thru the threshold and then change you mind and leave again. Others, the door locks behind you, like having a baby or getting divorced or a traffic accident, choices we can’t really undo. You can’t un-open the door once you’ve turned the knob, pulled it ajar and gone thru.

Speaking of doors, my cat Charlie just crawled thru a drawer in my kitchen cabinets and came out the door on the bottom cupboard. And that’s the thing with the doors, you never know where they lead. Sometimes it feels to me like life is a long hallway of doors, full of possibilities. Other times, like my divorce, there was only one door in an empty room I had to go thru and close it behind me.

Right now, I find myself hesitating to choose a door for some reason. Which is odd because I know there’s always another door, another choice, just may not be where you expected it to be and it may not be the choice you want in that moment. Life is a continuum whether we can see that at all times or not. It keeps going and you are meant to keep going as well.

And I’ve realized in the past few months that REALLY living is being a willing door opener, throwing all the doors open, figuring out the lock, finding the necessary keys because in order to grow you have to make choices, you can’t stay in one place. You have to be brave, turn the knob, and go through.


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