I’d like to redefine

Good Saturday to you Travellers,

Do you ever want to change words? What I mean is the way the word sounds to you, the way it rolls off your tongue or it’s pronunciated cadence seems to defy what Merriam Webster and all of humanity before thought it should mean? Like it just seems completely fucking wrong? Everyone was wrong, and I laugh because it’s absurd, but I am the kind of person who likes to take words and make them my own, do you ever do that? When I was little I can remember my mother frequently saying she wished she had written down all the words I had invented to better serve my own language. I blame Dr. Suess, because he pretty much looked at English and said, yea, I’m just gonna have to make something up….

There are two words today I’d like to make the case for reassessment , LANGUISH and LANGUID…just look at them, they are virtual twinsies, like the exact same, but one is missing an ear, otherwise the exact same…if you positioned the hair correctly they would be identical, would they not because you couldn’t see the missing ear, now could you?

Just to play by the rules here, LANGUISH is not good according to what “they” say..it means being weak and feeble, or that you are being forced to remain in an unpleasant situation or condition. It mentions incarceration as well. LANGUID however can mean having a disinclination for physical exertion or effort, then it says, “slow and relaxed” which reminds me of, lounging about in the warm summer heat. Later it still mentions being weak and faint from illness or fatigue…say it isn’t Merrriam and Webster, because I’m begging to differ here that either word be used in this context. Because I’m one those people…and here is a TUNE for it as well…

This morning I believe I was languishing in bed. For me, that means I was savoring all the sensations and remaining unmoved to begin the list of shit I have to do today. Languishing for me is a road stop or pausing for sensual enjoyment that creates moments of mindfulness. Doesn’t that sound better? And being languid is just the state of existing here. Sensual enjoyment meaning taking it all in, smell, sight, sounds, touch and taste of the here and the now. For me, that was the comfort of my firm mattress, my weight as it settled against it’s resistance, the temperature of the room, the feeling of the cool sheets on my body and noticing how their weight draped on my legs and torso, my relaxed breath, and Charlie lying next to me languishing as well in his drowsy kingdom. He was alternately nuzzling his head on my hand/arm and generally snuggling up purring with his odd little broken motor hum. And I was at peace. Not against my will or unfortunate in any way shape or form. I could hear the birds singing and the sound of my dogs breathing in tempo. And every way I positioned my body for that stretch of time was super comfortable. I was a languid human languishing…

I also tend to think of a chaise lounge when I hear either word and see someone draped across said piece of furniture in a state of delicious enjoyment. I always feel like the natural place one might languish is on a chaise…I know that’s funny right? I think because it feels oddly royal to me, like Cleopatra enjoying her afternoon eating grapes while basking in the path of the sun. She would’ve been on a chaise. Or I think of THIS image which is quite famous. I know you’re thinking how could she be perceived as languid with that snake? Look at her face, yes, she is a model, but it’s the sereneness in her gaze. This image has always given me a feeling of peace and all being right with the world. And I guess I’m saying some degree of physical reclinement is part of languishing or being languid as well.

I have this image in my front room of a lady and I bought her back in my 20s because she seemed so serenely present and I feel like that’s a goal for all of us in life…AND this is languishing to me…



See I’m a person with a job that I could work non-stop at and never be done. I have three things outside of said job right now I’m trying to personally cultivate and four fuzzy souls that need attention daily. Not to mention there’s collecting their hair and mowing the yard, gardening, cleaning and you get the picture.

I don’t have time to be languid or languish but I’ve been working on it, because if you can’t find these moments to be present and remember what the fuck this life is for, as in,  just letting it all imbue your soul with all it’s sensations, being languid and languishing at times, then what is the damn point?

I’m working on it…really trying to find it at least once a day everyday, and I hope you find them too. BUT all be damned if I fail to see how languishing is not meant to be an awesome thing…just listen to that word..how it rolls out like honey dripping down a glass of tea on a warm summer’s day, like hear Matthew McConaughey’s voice saying it or Morgan Freeman voicing over your life…I tell you Merriam Webster could be wrong, that’s all I’m saying….


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