“E” is for Everybody Inc.

Good Monday morning to you Travellers,

Up and at it for another week, are you ready? We had the loveliest walk this morning under a sky of pinks, purples and oranges. It feels like fall has already begun to creep in the back door of summer…


Today we are getting our creativity on with the letter “E”. As I was thinking about this post I realized there are SO MANY words that start with the letter “E” that are all good positive things. Energy. Education. Electricity. Empathy. Everybody. Excellence. Endurance. Efforts. Exciting. Eager. Ernest. Elvis. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know most of these words as a child so, I think this may be one time where I didn’t create something that also began with the letter “E”. And I’ve been having some random memory flashes of the things I created with this exercise as a kid that would indicate that was not a requirement of this exercise. The only requirement was your imagination.

As a kid, I think I looked at the capitol letter “E” and used it to create a maze. I would have added another side with other lines of varying lengths to create something to that effect. There would have been a entrance and an exit, and probably some kind of treasures or goodies hidden inside as little drawings. I remember liking these kind of puzzles as a kid. You would put your pencil down at the entrance and then draw your way thru as your made choices, trying to think your way thru an uncertain path all the way to the end. Thank god for erasers because you didn’t alway figure it out on the first try. I’m sure my story would have been either a great adventure OR perhaps it was a great search for something new that my character had never seen.

It’s funny as I typed those words, as an adult, I realize this is all pretty much a paraphrasing of human life. It’s a maze that we are all trying to find our way thru, to reach an ending and gather unforeseen treasures…

As an adult, I would create something quite different with the letter “E”. I would make an emblem of two interlocking E’s that would represent a corporation. It would be a company called Everybody Inc. and their company would have created a process by which we could experience life as someone totally different than who we are now. Their services would be accessible to all members of society and every person would have the procedure at least once in their lifetime.

Everybody Inc. would transform you into a different person for a chosen allotment of time. You would live life in this other body and see the world thru these eyes. I can’t decide if it would be something like “Total Recall” where it’s just a machine that you’re hooked into via the brain, living out a fantasy that none the less convinces your mind that it’s real. OR something like “District 9” where it’s a full on body mutation, that would of course be reversible with another procedure or injection. Remember the imagination does not have boundaries so, anything could be possible. And it wouldn’t be painful as I see this more as a recreational thing, a good thing, not a punishment.

I feel like this procedure would be something we would use in our education system. Maybe it could be used in marriage counseling to help spouses see things thru the other person’s eyes. Or even in family counseling. Maybe it could be used to help people understand different sexual orientations. Maybe it could help you decide if being a parent is a reality you really want in it’s glory.

We could become the opposite sex, a different race, a different religion, a different age, a different body. The goal of this corporation would be to create empathy for your fellow humans and to bridge the gaps between us with the idea of creating a more compassionate society.

In truth, I first thought of this idea yesterday, a sort of reaction to the shootings here in America. Every time we have these incidents there are two targets of blame, the NRA and our illustrious President. Neither of which I’m going to defend, but instead I believe we need to talk about hate. And ignorance, not as in stupidity, but as in never judge a person till you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. And how a person’s upbringing has more to do with all this violence than anything else. How you may be vulnerable in ways that allow you to consider radical beliefs that may end in violence. And imagine if Donald Trump had to live as an African American woman for a week…what might that be like for him?

I always think people don’t realize that under all our differences as humans, we are all the same. I tend to believe that many of these acts of violence are based on a feeling of being threatened by other people’s differences or a misplaced sense of superiority. And imaginations are great because we can the mold the world into a better place, but we’re going to have to find a real path of empathy here in the real world.



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