The Libra who gave up her scale

Ciao Travellers,

How’s Sunday been treating you? It’s technically over here, but I figured I should show up and say a little something today…

We’ve had a day of little action and the only real excitement was when Charlie brushed his tail up against my leg while I had depilatory cream on them. That’s the stuff you use to nuke the hair off your legs, it seems to last longer than shaving. Anyhow, there I was chasing him around the house half dressed with this smelly shit on my legs trying to get it off his tail with a wet paper towel. Because no one wants a bald tail now do they?

That’s pretty much my day…

Let’s talk about what I consider to be one of the most common sense approaches to health and fitness. As in, if you do this thing, it’s going to help you more than you know, even if you are skeptical…Are you ready?

Throw out your scale.


You know that self flagellating device on your floor somewhere in your home that you will allow to determine your self worth…you know the one I’m talking about??

Wherever it is, you should give serious thought to getting rid of it…And I’m a Libra, so that’s really saying something because my astrological sign is the scales of justice…I’m making a bad joke, when I’m completely serious…

I’m a recovered anorexic, let’s try that…actually let’s try this…

A human body’s weight is not constant. We weigh different amounts every day, at different times during the day and depending on your hormones, ladies, weight may vary for different days/weeks of each month. You may even experience a seasonal shift in weight like I did for many years due to my anorexia. Remember what I said before about the human body being fluid, as in it exists in a state of flux. At all times. Because you are a living breathing thing, not a stone statue in a constant state.

I haven’t been on a scale in about 17 years. Yes, I do get on the scale at the doctor’s office, BUT I tell them I’m a recovered anorexic and then I turn away from the front of the scale where the numbers are, and ask them not to say my weight out loud. I haven’t owned a scale all this time and I don’t ever hop on any other scales I encounter out in the world. I know the general ballpark of my weight and I think it’s remained essentially the same all these years, give or take some muscle, because I’ve lived the same lifestyle. And worn the same clothing size and generally appear in the mirror to have remained similar in form. The number lost it’s hold on me when I committed myself to this idea years ago so I could be free.

That’s what not weighing yourself to determine your success or worth is, it’s freedom. As I stand on the edge of possibilities when it comes to guiding people in movement again and helping people adapt to healthier life choices, this is one of the things I think about a lot. Because I recognize there isn’t a method that works for all of us, but I know this has helped me in a HUGE way. But I know people who would rather die than not weigh themselves every morning upon waking.

What do you use instead to determine if all the salads and exercise are paying off?? I start with this; HOW DO YOU FEEL?  ARE YOU GETTING STRONGER? ARE YOU SEEING THE BODY BEGIN TO CHANGE? HAS THERE BEEN AN IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE? But it’s the first one that I really think takes us home. Movement and eating well change everything. I know because I’ve lived it for almost half my life now. And it’s worth more than a number on a  scale.

That number humans see at their feet, I think it becomes a tattoo on the soul. And it’s not an awesome one for most people. It’s not some fabulous sleeve of Buddha and koi fish, it’s shame, or frustration or maybe a perverted badge of honor that you use to perpetuate a life that is slowly killing you. Maybe a bragging right. It’s the 5-10 pound throw down. Gaining and Losing, losing and gaining. A vicious cycle for most, and to what end, because health is not just a number on the scales. It’s really not that simple now is it? NO, the answer is No, it is not…

The number on the scale doesn’t say anything about how many miles you can run or how heavy the kettle bell is that you’ve advanced to or how good you are getting at planking? The number doesn’t say well done for all the nutrient rich foods you’ve been eating or atttaboy for sleeping peacefully for 7 1/2 hours…by the way, water is heavy and you need to drink a fair amount of it, so that’s gonna affect that number too…the number doesn’t indicate muscle content or bone density either…the number does not know all, see all and shouldn’t be all.

It’s just a number and maybe you want it to be lower, but ask yourself why…because the WHY is important when it comes to changing your need a good WHY that can carry you far past the visible horizon…like a reliable vehicle with good gas mileage kind of why…yes, doctors will say lose weight, or gain it, people may make cruel remarks to you, but those are not whys that will take you far. You have to decide for yourself that it’s time to give a fuck about your health. Your life, your well being. You have to choose for you, THAT is a why that will carry you through the darkest of times.

Lastly, you have to give it time. Funny enough, time is also another number we give a lot of power to. Health does not appear overnight or in one week, maybe one month is a tiny dent. Weight loss or hypertrophy or whatever you’ve got your eye set on, it’s going to take time. I feel like relying on a scale really doesn’t allow you to give things time. You see the number, if it’s not what you want, it’s not fast enough, or it’s not working or you can’t get the number lower. You quit. Then you change your mind and back again and so on and so fourth.

So my advice on this late Sunday night remains: throw out the scale. Find your why, make a plan, give it time and take the journey. For life.

I’m off to bed, 5am will be here very soon.




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