Breakfast of Champions

Good morning Travellers,

Guess what? You’ll never guess…We had an amazing walk. AGAIN. I know it’s ridiculous how good something so simple can be. This morning there was a symphony of birds singing, birds I’ve never heard before, seriously and owls hooting and of course that rooster crowing. Even a few members of the late night bug symphony were still playing…

There was a moment at the halfway mark of our walk where I stopped to turn around and just soak it in. The fog bank was nestled up against the tree line and the sky was light blue with a few small clouds. Someone cut the grass last night, so there were little pieces of grass on all of our legs. HEAVEN.

It seems the morning skies palette is mostly pinks, purples and blues here in Kansas. I think sunsets won oranges, reds and the more ultraviolet spectrum in some kind of bet. But it suits the morning, the softer colors, because the world wakes gently I feel versus the end of day which can be quite dramatic. I don’t know about you, but I’m not awake enough in morning to handle anything dramatic…

I should also mention this little bank of clouds we saw on the way homeward. Just as we crossed the busy street returning into our neighborhood. It looked like they were all swimming upstream together in the sky. Just lovely I tell you…

I realized as I was walking that there are really no rules here about what I can write. I could tell you anything really, but I have a general message under all these posts, not going to spoil what it is, because that’s up to you to figure that out…

This morning let’s talk about why you should eat breakfast in order to have a happy day. Because I believe what many people believe in that how you begin your day sets the tone of what’s to come. Bad mornings are hard to reset from aren’t they?

Let me interject here that I do realize that some souls just do not enjoy the morning. I’m never really sure what to say to that because it feels like a hard sell that I just can’t make. My ex was not a morning person and that always kind of dampened my joy. It’s probably the first thing I noticed on my own, after he left, how buoyant morning became without him. Everyone is entitled to be who they are though are, no judgement. I wasn’t a jubilant early riser when I was younger, not even sure how I arrived at being a person who relishes these hours of unfolding. But I am now and will most likely live out my days this way.

Back to breakfast. I find when I talk to most people they neglect to eat breakfast everyday. Just no time or no interest. And if I’m being honest I didn’t start eating breakfast until my late twenties. At first it I tried eggs and Canadian bacon on a little English muffin then it was oatmeal. All of that never really did the trick, but I was eating something. Which is a good place to start…

Here’s the thing, when you sleep at night, it’s really like a teeny tiny hibernation. Your body slows down, relaxes and repairs itself and you of course don’t drink any water or eat any food for 6-9 hours depending on how long you sleep. Plus, you probably ate dinner between 5-8pm, so figure you have not really eaten for about 12 hours. Or had water. Which means when you wake up, the tank is empty, you have no fuel, so where are you possibly going without a refill? Remember, the body is the vehicle of the mind and soul, and you would never be able to drive a car without fuel. You may make it a few blocks on fumes, but really, no distance can be travelled with any kind of velocity.

And by the way, coffee/Starbucks/Duncan Donuts are NOT breakfast. Sugar and caffeine are just drugs essentially to fool the system into thinking it has fuel, but it’s really just trickery. I’m talking about eating something that will give you a nutrient boost and energy for a few hours…


What do I eat you ask? Let me show you…


I store these in the freezer and de-thaw one each morning. Because they seem to grow mold quite quickly due to the moisture content. And lately I’ve been using fresh fruits versus dried. This recipe is so versatile, which makes it easy to eat for several years without boredom. You can really add any kind of nuts or fruits that you like but I recommend walnuts due to their nutrient value. I also add the spices pretty freely, I just shake in how ever much I feel like each time, but over the years I’ve found a slightly heavier handed approach really makes a better muffin. Especially nutmeg. Let it be noted I am gluten sensitive and these do nothing but make me feel awesome. If you are a celiac, you may be able to tweak this with alternative flours.

Just look at this awesomeness!! I added fresh cherries and blueberries this last round…


Lastly though, the piece de resistance is almond butter. I have one I like in particular which also has cinnamon in it. I use roughly 2 tablespoons per muffin. Let it be noted, almond butter is not cheap, for me it’s a splurge I allow myself because I love it. This is my first meal of the day so figure it should be super yummy in my tummy. Am I right? Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

I know you can find less expensive butters though, so that’s up to you. The nut butter is VERY IMPORTANT though because of the protein. You need some kind of protein in the morning so you’re body will easily travel the distance to lunch. Protein gets it up and goes. The muffins are very dense and hello, fiber. Which helps with what? Happy intestines and better poop. Big smiles. And nuts are one of the healthy mainstays of my personal diet because again, nutrient content and they seem to have a lasting energy for me.

On the side of this little concoction, I also eat a banana with this situation. I actually alternate my bites between banana and muffin/almond butter and kinda mix it up. They go very nicely together. You could even bake bananas in your mufffins.

Again, every human is different but this is what works for me…but no matter what, if you only listen to one thing I tell you here, EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me!!

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