“G” is for fish cars & jungle gym bars

It’s Monday again Travellers,

This is a humid one with a rather difficult start. It was hard for me to rise and shine, just like the sun is having a hard time finding it’s way thru the wavy cloud banks this morning. And we encountered many unpleasant smells and grumpy faces on our walk. I thought I should let you know that not every morning is amazing here, but we keep going. Apparently, the world did not get the memo today that Mondays are now fun, or at least they COULD be…

Today our letter is “G” and you are really going to have to close your eyes and visualize these ideas because they require some serious imagination skills. Do you remember how to do that, close yours and see all the possibilities and none of the restrictions we place on ourselves as adults. I believe we call it reality…yea, you’re going to have to suspend that for now…

As a kid, I had a fish named Charlie and a hamster named Betsy. Unlike, dogs and cats, these types of pets obviously require their own individual containers, which always made concerned that they felt abit forlorn. I wanted to free them. In Betsy’s case, that was easily remedied with a plastic ball built for hamsters to transverse their human’s home. I’m not sure which of us enjoyed it more, her or me, but Betsy was an explorer and would even try to best the cat at times in her plastic orb. She was a really awesome hamster and Charlie, well he would hang out in his bowl waiting for me to say hello.

My child minded idea for the letter “G” is to remedy that issue. We’re going to build a fish car.  YES, yes we are… If you look at the physical letter, and just focus on the “C” shape, we would install a hinge at the half way point, so the bowl that would fit in the curved area could be removed, cleaned and filled with tank water. This “C” shape would also be thickened to be more supportive I’m gonna say approximately 5-6” wide and this would also create a wider base for wheels to be added for mobility and support. The sides would be open still so the fish would have windows to look out while driving. Because you can’t have a windowless car, now can you?The shape would be curved to fit around a bowl. I’m not sure if we would use plastic or metal, but something sturdy. Sturdier than that hamster ball which was just a hollow plastic ball with a hatch and some ventilation.

Now here’s where you are going to have to suspend your disbelief, the front piece of the “G” it would somehow connect into the bowl and after some serious research, we would determine what kind of steering apparatus fish prefer…a tiny wheel or perhaps a keyboard for their little caudal fins to operate. Maybe just some symbols that would light up for them to smack. Hard to say what would work, since I’m not a fish.

Figure if Lowly Worm in Richard Scarry’s stories can figure out how to dress himself, something that perplexed my young mind for years, then a fish can certainly learn to drive, right? I mean how the hell did a worm get an entire outfit, a shoe and a hat on his head with no hands or fingers?!? How did he put that shoe on??? SO MIND BOGGLING. And I’m pretty sure my current Betta, Starbuck, would drive like an Andretti if given the chance because he’s an aggressive little guy…There would probably need to be some kind of lighting situation on the little car as well, maybe even a horn for cat and dog traffic.

It’s easy to see why childhood is so awesome isn’t it? Because we believed anything was possible and everything could be delightful if we wanted it to be…

As an adult, I would turn the “G” into a sort of jungle gym. I spent many hours of my youth on jungle gyms, swinging from bars and crawling around on whatever kind of metal menagerie the playground had to offer. I miss that as an adult. And it would be a great fitness tool as well.

Looking at the “G” shape, which by the way, this situation would be quite large, because if you haven’t noticed, kid playground toys are built for small bodies, so this would be for full sized adult bodies…I would essentially make it a giant hollow orb constructed from metal bars. OR even better, maybe it could expand and contract, since this my imagination, it doesn’t have to make sense, right? I like the idea of using the little front leg of the “G” as a sort of platform for my forearms, so I could walk my legs over my head into one of my favorite yoga asanas, Scorpion. In fact, this could be a rig for people to learn to hand stand as that seems to be all the rage on Instagram. Or that area could be a platform to leap from and grab the top.

BUT I also just want bars to climb and hang from knees on like when I was young. I want to crawl on the inside, outside, upside downside…because I loved that and I’m pretty sure I can still do those things. In case you don’t remember, when you were a child, you could squat really deep, usually when you were playing in a sandbox or some other grounded activity. Many adults simply lose that ability because they no longer utilize that range of motion. Pretty sure monkey bars work the same way.

That’s my ideas for the day. What would you do with a “G”?



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