“H” is for a sun filled window and saying HELLO!!

Good morning Travellers,

It’s another Monday without a sunrise, instead there is just a gloomy cloud filled sky. And let’s not lie, that sort of environment makes difficult soil for joy to grow, but shouldn’t we still try? Apparently, I’m also rhyming today…wouldn’t it be awesome if one day a week everything you said had to rhyme?

Since it’s a Monday, it’s time to exercise your imagination, so do your stretches, take a few laps around your mental track, here we go…if you are unfamiliar with this little situation, please revisit my “A” post…or seek out the other letters…

Today we are working with the letter, “H” and weirdly I remember this one from my youth. I drew a line at the top and bottom to enclose the spaces and then another line straight down the center…I remember adding fluffy pink curtains on the sides and in the center was a window filled with sunshine.

Do you remember as a child how you would be fixated for awhile drawing a certain thing over and over again? Like rainbows, you learned how to draw a rainbow, so everything was a rainbow, or stick people, or fluffy clouds, or fish or three dimensional boxes. I had a sunshine phrase where I would not only draw a shiny yellow orb of a sun, but all the rays. I was a use all the crayons in the box kind of kid, and there were many shades of orange, yellow and I added a little red. At this point, it was just lines of color, because I wasn’t blending them yet, but I remember the sun at the top of the window in this picture and all the rays were beaming down, filling the whole frame.

I had a window in my bedroom as a kid that was pretty big. This is when my parents were still married. There was a yucca plant outside and a view of the mountain range that Albuquerque was nestled in, the Sandias. The word Sandia actually means watermelon in Spanish. Every night the mountains would dutifully turn shades of pink just like their namesake. Occasionally, my yucca would have feathered visitors, including one hummingbird encounter that I recall. I distinctly remember the little guy hovering at my eye level and tapping on the glass in front of me with his beak, like, “Hello”…

I’m not sure if I wrote about all of that or not as a kid, I may have just written an ode to the sun. Because as a child we personify inanimate objects with happy souls that greet us at every turn don’t we? For all I know, the sun may have been doing laundry that day in my story or chasing his friend the moon, who knows…

As an adult, “H” is the sign for a hospital or helipad or hotel. You can be healthy, helpful, happy, human, hopping up and down or healing. Then there’s habanero, hats, hottie or heartbreaker. OH, and horses or hippos.

Have you ever wondered if it was intentional that both HEAVEN and HELL started with the same letter? And H kind of looks like a sort of gate doesn’t it? Or rather two posts with an arm that could raise like when you enter or exit certain Highways after taking your ticket or paying your toll?

If you squint your eyes, you can see “H” as two distant figures on the horizon where they appear as stick figures and their arms reach out to join holding hands. I miss hand holding.

And Hugging, let’s not forget that one…

This letter is the first one to really stump me, because I keep seeing a tennis court from a bird’s eye view when I add a line at the top or bottom. Or a half full glass,  or some kind of hammock between two trees. None of which are particularly imaginative.

I also recall one of my favorite childhood stories about a high diving platypus, who wore this old school striped swimming suit, and if we closed the bottom of the “H” the center line would be the water level and then drew a tiny little ladder off one side, and VOILA. It was such a an amazingly great odd story. And platypuses are definitely the proof that whoever designed this world was not without a sense of humor, I mean it’s like part duck part otter, and why are they so cranky??

Humor, that’s a big “H” word too…

I think for me today “H” is for “Hello” I know it’s not super imaginative, but I feel like there should be some kind of understood social contract where we all say Hello to the people we meet. ALL the people regardless of who they are.

And there are so many options, Hi, Howdy, Hola, Hello, Hi there, Hey, Hey you…

I’ve read numerous articles about the power of smiling and saying Hello to strangers for both yourself and the recipient of your good nature. Maybe the “H” could be redrawn so it’s a giant hollow H that we could fill with sunshine and flowers and puppy dogs and rainbows. We could have learning to say Hello therapy…

Take one day and try it. In fact, I think people used to do it more often and now, especially if you are a man and saying Hello to a kid, there’s the whole scent of suspicion, which is sad that we have arrived there. I think saying Hello is a small real act of optimism that is painless for all of us to commit to. But you have to be universal with it, don’t pick and choose who you say to. Don’t wait for them to say it first, just smile and say Hello.

I can’t count the number or people I’ve met walking who I said Hello to. Just friendly passing by interactions that leave me thinking it’s not over for the human race just yet.

AND there is THIS SONG we can thank Mr. Ritchie for as well…

Happy Monday!!


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