“I” is for kid stuff and dropping the mic

Hello Travellers,

Here’s Monday!!

Only this one here in the States is a holiday for most, which means no work today. I had set my alarm for 5am, but didn’t get up until 6am, because well, it’s a holiday. And I’m here late, because it’s a holiday…

Our morning walk was uneventful. The sky was clear, the sun rising, and I tell you, no clouds equals no greater glory. Don’t get me wrong, the way the sun’s rays cast their light across whatever object they encounter is a thing of beauty, but it fails to really make my jaw drop in wonder like the clouds can. And walking with the rising sun is still the best wake up I think a human can experience.

Not sure what I’m going to do when winter comes though…But we’ll worry about that when the time comes, which is something I need to learn to say more often in life.

Is your imagination ready?

Today we have the letter, “I” which is really just a straight line with two tiny lines on each end, it could be made into anything. ANYTHING. The possibilities are infinite with a little imagination. Something intellectual, interesting, or inplausible, how about impossible? It’s all a matter of interpretation or how ingenious you are feeling really…maybe a story of interplanetary war or international espionage or the struggle of pussy cats to establish an independent isolated island of immortality, from which they will run our world. Isn’t that their master plan after all, to run the world? Dogs don’t care, they just want food, walks and love.

As a kid, I loved the game of tether ball. Ever play that? It’s a pole with a rope and a volley ball attached to it. Which you could construct from the letter “I”. We were serious tether ball players in grade school. And we played rough as kids, there were no helicopter parents, no helmets, no rules, no mercy. You happily walked away with red hands and forearms. It was awesome.

When I see the “I” that’s my first memory and right behind it, is a bubble wand, like the kind that comes in the bottle of bubbles. Also, easily drawn from the letter “I” by adding a circle on top. I loved blowing bubbles outside and wishing they never popped. Or wishing I could ride away in one, or seeing if I could get one to stick to some object without popping. I bought a bottle earlier this Spring to try with Faline, but keep forgetting to take them out at night.

I actually can’t remember what I made with this one in youth. If it has to come with a story, all these ideas are too simple for that…I’d like to think I had drawn a little sand castle, because I loved those as a kid and the “I” would be the pole for a little flag on top. My flag. The castle would be indestructible and have some tiny inhabitants. That’s where my childhood story would have began…

As an adult, the letter “I” is me, or you. It’s whoever is telling the tale. First person narration. Because I’ve been thinking about how each of us are writing the story of our lives every day. And we tell that story through our perspective. “I” is the beginning of every sentence where you tell people how you feel, or what you want or don’t want, what you’ve observed and experienced.

If I could have a job without worry of money, I would love to randomly interview strangers and just say, “Tell me about your life, from the start to where we are standing now.” Because somehow I find comfort in hearing all the differences yet united in the human condition. I think we’re forgotten that.

I would make the letter “I” into a microphone, by adding some lines from the edges of the little bottom line to slightly outside the top little line, it would make a sort of conic shape. And then we would add a slightly rounded top. I know you’re like, how imaginative is that Amy? Wait for it…because sometimes my ideas have a practicality that while not a huge stretch of my imagination in terms of the structure, it’s what you do with it that counts…

There are a lot of disenchanted people here, in America, and whether anyone wants to hear it or not, we need to start talking and listening to each other. I’m not down with a lot things that tend to harm others like racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia. BUT I think we need to know how people arrive at their beliefs, don’t you? And if you say no, why? Why do you not care to know about your fellow humans? I’ve always believed that if your confident in your own ideals, there is no reason you cannot stand and converse with someone that you completely disagree with. Hell, you may even learn something. Yet, here we are, a fractured nation where no one listens. And is anyone really being heard? And Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram don’t count..

Each day, and I’d have to run some math for this in order to move thru the population with some swiftness, we would literally pass the mic. There would have to be some sort of time limit, and structure for this, it couldn’t be a free for all. Because some of us can get carried away. Maybe it would be, something like this: Tell us your happiest memory. Tell us your proudest memory. Tell us your greatest pain. Tell us who you love. Tell us what you value most in this world. That’s 5 things. And they could extrapolate abit to give us the details. If you consider all those things, you’d get a pretty good idea of who someone is, don’t you? Think about it.

I realize sadly that not everyone would want to participate and some people wouldn’t like those questions, but if you recall, this is just an exercise of imagination. And I like to imagine a time where we all get our shit together in this world, don’t you?

Thanks for sharing your time with me! 

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