Our Symbiotic Sun

Dearest Travellers,

Wednesday is here, and I have prepared a feast for your weary eyes and ragged soul. I actually took my phone this morning on our walk, and what started as a mere blushing sky gave way to a peach of a sun..but before we go there, a few thoughts if you don’t mind…

I think seeing the sunrise each day is a cure of sorts. You can feel like your life is over or worthless or super shitty, just whatever ails your deeper well, and then there is this miraculous event waiting for us. I know that sounds so syrupy sweet, but the more sunrises I experience the more I believe it’s true. In all of it’s tiny graces, this planet is a gift, no matter it’s maker, and I urge you to find that out before you leave it.

We’ve had to start leaving later in the morning because the time of actual sunrise has shifted, due to that whole Earth tilting on it’s axis situation that creates the seasons. You know that song. Fall is rushing in faster every day. It’s all very inconvenient. I actually thought we weren’t going to we the sun this morning, but when I turned the corner on our way back, there is was…like a peach, and not at it’s full strength so you could look right at it…

I’m not sure how many more of these I’m gonna get to see this year, but we will look forward to Spring with a new sort of anticipation. Walking in the mornings with the ladies has been one of the best choices I’ve made since my divorce. And every day I’m struggling, I find my hope renewed just having this experience.

Now all the random walking thoughts…

I was also thinking about James Lovelock this morning who proposed a theory about Earth called the Gaia Hypothesis. Essentially the idea is that Earth is a living breathing thing of it’s own volition. It is a self regulating organism. We are just visitors here really. And I’ve carried that little nugget in my brain from science classes years ago…there’s something about it that intrigues me. Especially when you get out in the world.

I was thinking about our sun and how it cares for these nine planets. Or is that eight now? I feel like Pluto gots it’s license revoked in the past few years, am I right? No worries little Pluto, you are still under the care of our sun, I’ll still count you! I was wondering if the sun receives any benefits from it’s planetary family, because I’m not an astrophysicist or whatever education that might qualify me to answer that. It always seems that everything here on Earth shares it’s energy in some symbiotic way with it’s surroundings, so I can’t help but wonder if that extends beyond our atmosphere…

I’m currently reading this book about well, trees. Characters and trees.  It’s fiction, won the Pulitzer, and I’ve never read anything like it before. There was a great line the author used describing the skies as being smudged from finger paints that has stayed with me. What a fantastic idea…And this book really gives credence to the life force of our greater forests like the redwoods and of course man’s destruction.

Never fear, I’m not going into an environmentalist rant, because I don’t actually think ranting ever changes anyone’s mind. Yelling NO at a dog might stop it in it’s tracks, even a cat seems to pause for possible reflection, but humans, fuck no, humans seem resistant to anything outside their own beliefs. And the only way your beliefs about sunrises or Earth will ever change is to go out there and let the outside into yourself.

Because there is something about this place… something about mornings…let me show you…



Thanks for sharing your time with me!

P.S. I was also thinking about this show that was on the SciFi channel years ago called Farscape. One of it’s most interesting ideas to me was the starship the characters lived, Moya. She was alive, part mechanoid and part biological creature. She even gave birth to another ship named Talon. And she had a pilot, named Pilot who was this giant turtle alien for lack of better words. The show was developed by Jim Henson’s company and the animatronics put CGI to shame. AND the chemistry between the two leads could melt the sun. For some reason, I thought of it in the mix of the other stuff. It’s probably on a streaming service, you should go watch it!!



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