“J” is for Joy, Juicy and flying about in a Heli-J

Happy Monday Travellers,

Are you feeling rested yet? It’s always most unfortunate to arrive at Monday morning and be exhausted from your weekend. Do you know what I mean? Maybe you’re just exhausted from your life, because that also happens and Monday somehow takes the blame. I haven’t really greeted this morning in the finest of moods myself, but we walked under a sky that only Monet could have painted and gladness planted a little seed inside my soul. Pretty sure that’s called hope…

Let’s be good sports here and ease our minds and weary souls with a little imagination exercise…in case you are unfamiliar with this situations, please see the past Monday’s posts, here, here, here and here  just for starters… E-I can be found trailing not too far behind with some browsing…

Today we are onto the letter “J” which has always looked like a happy letter. No imagination required, there’s just something about the shape. Something that says to me kicking up its heels and carefree a la “Singing in the Rain” style. It’s just gotta dance versus it’s nearby neighbor “L” who’s abit more serious and straight laced, a real rule follower. Obviously, it’s the also the first letter of Joy, which I think is an important part of life that we tend to overlook in our daily existence. Simple joy, not expensive, fancy, or superfluous joy. Not everything is perfect or airbrushed and edited joy. Just moments. The little lights on the strands of your life kind of joy.

And there’s Juicy, what an great word to say…reminds me of luscious summer peaches. Or mangoes, or pineapple. All of which I’ve had this summer and enjoyed every bite. Juicy bites of fresh fruits are joy dripping over your lips onto your chin and hands.

As a Libra, I also think of Justice, Jurisdiction, Judge and Jury. Funny how those all start with “J”…

There’s also Journey, which is a very important word in our lives. And jellyfish, jealousy, jumping, jeans, jubilee, jackrabbit and jeopardy.

As a kid, I think I made this into an umbrella. I would have seen this “J” as the bottom of an umbrella handle, because I had a fascination with umbrellas in my youth. And this was before the press a button open sesame umbrella version. All my childhood umbrellas had a “J” shaped handle. I thought they were fabulous and very fun to open and swing around. Not so much fun closing though, because I always pinching the flesh of my fingers in the clasp. That’s probably how we ended up with buttons…

I would have drawn a stem up from the ‘J” and then made a very colorful full umbrella. Probably rainbow colors, though as an adult I’m a sucker for polka dots.

I imagine I drew a larger umbrella that you could use to fly. Not like Mary Poppins, but bigger, where the bottom curve of the “J” could be fitted with a seat and perhaps a strap to secure you in nicely. You would only be able to fly your umbrella mobile in the right weather of course because you would need wind and rain. As a child I would have thought it ridiculous to travel in an umbrella mobile without rain, BUT having one these would guarantee you always got to go out for recess. Not only would you remain dry, but you could float over puddles. Obviously my imagination would be providing some seriously swooping but safe winds to ride on as well. Because childhood imaginations leans into the wonder not the what-ifs…

I’m pretty sure I’d have written some kind of rescue story to go along with my picture, because this would seem like a search and rescue mobile type situation.  Or maybe we were searching for dinosaur bones, because as a child in New Mexico I remember doing a lot of that in my backyard. Or saving someone from the nearby dormant volcanoes that I always kept one eye of wonder on at all times. I somehow remember always thinking they were just sleeping and could awaken to erupt at any moment as a kid.

As an adult, I think about the journey still. As in physical transportation and the path of our lives. Commuting in cars is not joyful for most people. And like I said before, if you look around your life, do you see much Joy? Because I feel like most of our lives are constructed around practicality, function and financial responsibility. At least mine is…We have become a super serious society. Remember roller blades, they were fun…

I would make the “J’ into more of a standing area and bottom of this device. Not an umbrella, but a tiny helicopter type vehicle. This would be almost like a hover board, except you could fly because it would have a helicopter blade at the top. Only one person would be able to ride on a single Heli-J. That’s what I think I’d call it. And you could take it to work, or to the shops, or the park. It wouldn’t be a highway vehicle or a super fast Mach 10 sound barrier breaking machine. It would be a whimsical joyful, gas efficient, open air, out in world, start and end your day with fun vehicle.

People used to take Sunday evening drives I’m told, where they just leisurely rolled thru the streets. That’s what the Heli-J would be for, casual flitting about. And I would make them affordable to everyone. Of course, you would need a license because hello, we’re talking about flying herre!! Maybe it would have a hands off hover setting for the morning meditators to hang out on and embrace nature.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Enjoy your Monday!!

Thanks for sharing your time with me!! 

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