The Spaces in Between

Good Evening Travellers,

If every day could start with a walk like the one I had this morning…not because the sunrise was spectacular or the temperature was perfection, but because I discovered the space in between the sunrise and the night skies. I’ve walked in the morning light and the fringes of it’s darkness, but I can’t recall ever experiencing this particular heavenward canvas before…the fade from blackish blue thru all the shades of indigo, navy and plum. The most exquisite combination of blue and purple hues that slowly melted into periwinkle. Nature seems to have a bottomless color palette.

Sometimes I think I should write a book called “A Million Morning Skies, the Inspiration for a Human Life”…

I’ve been thinking about all the in between spaces today. The hours where the skies undulate between day and night. The hours between sleep and awake. The way our emotions come and go creating compartments of time. The minutes or hours spent traveling from place to place. Time that bridges one goal to the next. The way our lives change in between all the various destinations. The moments we let slip away each day between tasks, chores, work or other events…do you ever think about those times?

I feel like we live in bullseye world, and tend to miss the connective pieces that make it all come together. It’s the minutia of the journey.  We tend to zero in on our goals, without much thought about what connects us from this place to that one. I think so much of our living is somewhere in those transitions. Here’s a thought, aren’t our lives are really just the Oreo center in between birth and death? Consider that for a second…

When I do any kind of movement on my own or guiding others, I think the most important piece is the transition in between each asana or each circuit or each variation. Articulating the body as it moves thru a spectrum of various positions is one of the most present experiences a human can have in my humble opinion. And not losing focus in those in between moments is huge. How things move in your body from one second to the next and being there in those moments has a sort of taste like no other.

In the body, one of the most fascinating parts is called fascia, which is a tissue that exists in between your muscles and epidermal layers. In the past 10 years, there has been a lot more conversation and studies about this rather mysterious material. I’m not sure anyone definitively knows why it’s there, but any athlete will tell you that rolling it and massaging it seems to remedy all kinds of issues.

Lately, when I’m feeling flooded with unpleasant emotions, I’ve started to notice the in between minutes, the before when I was calm, and the way it feels as those sensations seep from my body.  I think I’ve spent more time in the past four months feeling pretty alright versus really really awful. Whenever I think I’m completely screwed, I have this feeling inside that says it’ll be okay. No idea how it will ever be okay again, but I’ve always had a sort of undercurrent inside myself that tells me you can deal with this, find a way. That feeling lives in the in between moments of my life.

I feel like my existence is very in between right now for so many reasons. I keep hearing from people it took about two years to reorientate their life after a divorce, which is funny because I told myself as he was leaving that I would give myself two years here. It’s been 4 months since he left and 3 since my divorce, obviously there’s a lot of in between time from here to 2 years. Now if I can just learn to savor it…



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