“K” is for Kiss, Kaleidoscope, Tesla and Clover

Happy Monday Travellers!!

Are Mondays really so bad? I mean really, it’s just another day of the week isn’t it? I wonder every Monday how did this day come to be branded the problem child of the week days. I’m sure you’re thinking, because I have to go back to school or work or whatever you do…sometimes I think, at least in America, we should be glad for that, glad to have a job and the good fortune of an education, because so many in the world don’t have either one. And in five days another weekend will appear. Just a thought…

Today’s imagination exercise is brought to you by the letter “K”. In case you are new here, WELCOME and if you click on the “Imaginative Alphabet Stuff” category at the top of this post, it will display all the other letter’s of the past several weeks. Probably help you make sene of what I’m doing as well…just a helpful hint in one word, FUN, do you make time for some fun every day?…Start with “A”…

I have two memories from childhood that both start with the letter “K” that rushed into my mind when I thought about composing these words. First, the band Kiss. When I was little girl I was completely enamored with Kiss, the theatrics, the make up, the costumes, I just thought they were awesome. The cat’s pajamas. I have a very distinct memory of getting to stay up late and watch them on a tv show. I can remember sitting on the floor in front of the tv and it was some kind of Halloween special because I also remember a green witch like Wizard of Oz witch. It’s a very vivid memory.

Second is a place called Kaleidoscope, which was a sort of amusement park for the imagination. It was owned by Hallmark. Fun fact, the Halls who own Hallmark cards are from Kansas. That’s right, greeting cards came from Kansas. Hallmark was based in Kansas City for a very long time and when we were kids they had this place in Crown Center for children to come and get their craftiness on. My brother from another mother, his actual brother, myself and I think two other cousins all went there once. I don’t remember our parents going in with us because this was back in the crazy days of life where people could let their kids go places without worrying about them getting gunned down or molested or abducted.

I doubt the place was a huge as it seems in my memory, but then again, I was a much smaller me then. The thing I remember the most is getting to make something with melted crayons. They were all liquidy and shiny when you put them on the paper. The whole installation was art based. You got to make so many things and it was wonderful. I have no idea if it’s around anymore or not, but what a great experience.

Before I get to what I’d create as a child and as an adult, I feel the need to acknowledge the word “Kindness” because it starts with K. I can think of no other word that carries such great importance. And something I fear we lack in this world. Or maybe Kindness just needs a better PR firm.

I’m talking about kindness to strangers, kindness to people who are different than you, kindness to children and the elderly. Kindness to animals and our planet, kindness to your home, your family, your neighbors. Mostly though I think we need to be kinder to ourselves. Our ability to extend kindness to others has a lot to do with how kind we are to ourselves. It’s something I’m currently working on myself. Because I am my own worst critic and I can be relentless in devaluing my life and my goals. Word for the day, kindness.

As a kid, I see the “K” as a kite. AND I found a box of side walk chalk in my garage this weekend, SO, I have done some very basic drawings for today. Less typing out how to, more showing you how it looks. Let’s be clear, I’ve never claimed to be Picasso and I only have about an hour per post…


I’m not sure if my kite would fly, but I made it into the shape of a turtle who’s wearing blue sneakers and a smile. (Yes, that is what it’s suppose to be..) Because as a kid I had thing for animals wearing clothes especially shoes. I didn’t fly many kites as a kid, probably because I was not a very patient child and kite flying requires some measure of patience with finding the right day and the right wind. I vaguely remember owning a kite and maybe flying it once. I feel like the story would be about this is a crafty turtle who decided instead of beating the hare on the ground, he turned himself into a kite so he could fly overhead and win the proverbial race. You know the Tortoise and the Hare? This is one smart turtle…

As an adult for some reason, the letter “K” made me think of Nikola Tesla. Truly, the first thing I thought of was him and lightening. And the movie, “The Prestige” in which David Bowie of all people plays Nikola Tesla. There’s some very memorable moments involving lightening in the film.

For some reason the shape of “K” made me think of it being a kind of lightening rod. Tesla was a genius, obviously his name now being used by another brilliant mind, Elon Musk. I can’t say it’s very artistic, but I’ve always wondered if we could harness the power of lightening or storms here on Earth. What could we do with that kind of energy?  Imagination to me is largely about considering ideas that may or may not be possible. Let your mind run free…


For fun, I offer one final idea, and that is CLOVER.  A four leaf clover, because the spokes on the “K” reminded me of the center fold on a clover leaf, so I drew out a little clover vine. And luck is a lot like lightening isn’t it? Never know where it’s gonna strike and seemingly impossible to contain. And then there’s timing and preparation which are required to catch them both.

That’s where I leave you today.

Imagine onward Travellers!!!


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