Moving at the speed of LIFE

What’s up Travellers,

OH, life is not without a sense of humor. Or a sense of very poor timing. Or doling out the last thing you need to deal with at the least opportune moment. Maybe it’s a test of resolve, I dunno…

This morning I have no tales of great skies on glorious walks. Why? Because last night I sprained my ankle quite badly while mowing the lawn. I rolled it stepping off the curb and it swelled within minutes. Then I spent the next hour rather feverishly driving around trying to find an open immediate care clinic while crying and panicking about all the unfortunate turns my life has taken. Took me three tries to find one that was still open at 7:30pm.

It was not my finest hour.

In my 18 years of living life as an athlete I’ve only had one other injury. That injury is the one that made me walk away from teaching yoga, which was absolutely heartbreaking at the time. But life went on and I found circuit cross training and learned to love that in equal measure. Possibly even more.

Funny thing, yesterday I had a really good day until the mowing. Safe to say my life has become a series of ebbs and flows in every way. I have to believe this is how we all recover, learn and grow. It’s not just a straight line of uphill self improvement to some kind of prize. It’s more like a few steps forward and then a step back. Or a tumble off the curb. And I need to work on going with that flow minus the drama and panic. This was just my first crisis as a single person.

Before the slippery curb, I felt like I had a sort of personal revelation. It might be my new motto or daily affirmation. It’s not groundbreaking, you’ve probably heard it before, it goes a little something like this, “One thing at a time”. I know that’s pretty simplistic, but in my overwhelmed world, it feels like a sanity raft. It’s makes me feel like my life is possible. If I can line up my thoughts and challenges and take them on one by one, that seems manageable.

I think it’s really the only way to survive this life. All of our lives. AND it’s way life itself proceeds. One thing at a time is the speed of life. One second, one minute, one hour, one sunrise & one sunset equals one day, one week, one month, one season, one trip around the sun. Life begins in a single cell, plants seek out a single drop of water, a single act of kindness can save the life of most creatures here on this planet. A single word, Hello, can make someone’s day and the single word, “Goodbye” can crush an entire year. Maybe even a life.

It’s a single choice. Change is a series of single choices we make that equal movement of greater proportions. A single choice can be the beginning of something new or the end of something that no longer functions as it should. It’s the way revolutions begin, one voice that refuses to be silent. And at the end of our lives, it’s that last single beat of our hearts and one last breathe in our lungs that ushers into whatever comes next.

One is the number of life. See, maybe being single, not so bad. Maybe one person is where it all begins. Today, make one choice, that’s my game, each day, I’m going to commit to seeing things as one. One opportunity at a time, one person follows my blog, one person responds, one awesome walk, one awesome work out, one hour studying, one cat racing through the house makes me smile. Charlie is so fast for a creature with only three legs.

And now it’s one step at a time to recover and keep my eye in one direction: you are strong, you will heal and this will be just a bad memory.





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