“L” is for a little boat & a little mountain

Happy Monday Travellers!!

It begins again, doesn’t it? I awoke this morning to a strange dream and THIS SONG playing over and over in my head. All I could hear Rihanna and the words, “So live your life..” and then I realized, today is “L” and “L” is for LIFE, isn’t it?

In case you are new here, GREETINGS and SALUTATIONS, please refer to this post, or this post, or any Monday post that begins it’s title with a letter in quotations. It’ll give you a better idea of what’s happening in the space below, but in short, I’m using a childhood exercise to reframe Mondays. To remove the dread and despair and replace it with fun and imagination.

Don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget how wondrous the world is, or better yet, what a gift the human mind is, or this life is, no matter how shitty it gets. And we should take time to remember how we all began as children, wide eyed and full of curiosity and wonder.

Today is sponsored by the letter “L”…

Besides Life, “L” is also important for the word Listen. If there’s one thing every human needs to do more of, it’s actively listening to the people around you. Pay attention to what they are saying versus thinking only about what you want to say next. That’s my tip for the week, pay attention, are you actually listening or just thinking about your forthcoming response?

Like and Love also depend on an “L” don’t they, and Lust. Quite the trifecta of feelings there.

I’m a big fan of Lungs, helps with the Living part of Life and all my athletic endeavors…and Lions, giant brave and majestic pusses.

I can’t remember my childhood creation for “L”. It’s funny how I can recall very vividly what I did with one letter, but not the next…oh well, what I think I could have done was something like this…and by then way, my art skills really compliment a child’s imagination, don’t they?


It’s a little boat, the “L” is roughly the mast of the ship. When I was a kid, one of my favorite stories was “Where the Wild Things Are”, and in the story, the boy sails away in a tiny ship to the island of Wild Things. I’m not sure that I would have gone in search of the Wild Things in my accompanying story. I do remember having dreams of being a marine biologist as a kid , so I probably would have gone looking for mermaids. I’ve always wished I could be a mermaid, don’t you? As a child, I had these great little dolls called Sea Wees. Only dolls I ever liked as a little girl. Maybe in my story, I could have become a mermaid…

As an adult and athlete, I came up with the idea of a collapsible, anytime erectable tiny mountain to climb. I’m not a fan of indoor rock climbing, I’ve tried it and it just makes me want to climb on real rocks. I admire those who are good at it though, takes strong hands and a sort of skill to puzzle out your next move. It’s like aggressive vertical chess, only with your hands and body. Oh, it makes my hands hurt just thinking about it.

Here’s my idea…


You can see I’m wearing a weighted vest, because I felt particularly ambitious when I drew this little sketch. The “L” is the spine of this little mountain. I’m not sure what the “rock” would be made out of, something that could collapse, because I’d like to store it in my garage. Maybe the “rock” could be made from some kind of denser/sturdier Nerf material. And since this is my imagination it’s gonna work somehow, because everything works in your imagination doesn’t it? I think the long arm of the “L” would raise up from the ground, and I forget to draw on the support tethers on the opposite side. Pretty sure it would require something on the other side.

Anyways, I could conquer my mountain everyday (note, little flag on top) and it would be outside. Think of how awesome you would feel conquering your tiny mountain each morning!! I’m beginning to believe that all movement is better when it’s done outside. Something about out animal nature really responds to it, or at least I do.

That’s my letter “L” ideas…if you have time today, take a few minutes, jot down an “L” and let your imagination run wild…

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