“M” is for Mountains, music, my birthday & tiny animal ears

Good evening Travellers,

I realize I am sooooo late, my apologies. I missed the early morning…because it’s my birthday today and well, HERE I AM!!! Since it’s my birthday, you gotta open ALL THE LINKS. Think of it as my present to you!

Have about we call this the Midnight edition of Imagination Monday?

Did you have a Magnificent Monday? Did you feel marvelous or magnanimous or mischievous at any moment? Did you have fun at least?

Today’s imagination exercise is sponsored by the letter “M”.

“M” begins so many words that we cannot live without, it’s mind blowing really..

Many Much Moosen, favorite phrase with the letter “M” and a good laugh any day.

Let’s talk about Music…on my birthday there must be music. Music is one of the most important “M” words ever scribed…for today, I’d like some Moby, Massive Attack, who’s possibly best album starts with an “M” (it’s Mezzanine by the way) and of course, Madonna. And if you just poo pooed Madonna, you need to check out “Ray of Light” it’s crazy good.

“M” is also for memory or memories and we all have so many, don’t we? That Moby track is tied to a very bittersweet one for me. I find birthdays seem to cause many humans to reflect on their years past, searching for the way forward. All the moments play like a movie in my mind…and there’s that whole wishing thing with cake and candles…

”M” is also for morning, monkeys, midnight, moonlight, and magic. And the Moon. And of course, money. Life can seem mundane, or filled with melancholy or madness.

I could go on all evening, but let’s move along to the main event…

As a kid, I’m pretty sure that the letter “M” became ears on an animal head. I don’t know what kind of animal, so I’m just gonna say a Zebra because that sounds appealing…then I thought of Mountains…


Look at those “M” mountains…Zebulon the Zebra, he’s gonna be my guide in these peaks. It’ll be an adventure we call life…there will be ups and downs, and just when Zeb gets tired of carrying you on his back, OR you get tired of carrying Zeb on your back, you’ll reach the top. Or maybe you camp out in the valley. As a kid, lying in mud is just as fine as laying in the sun.

My brother from another mother told me a little story not long ago that he said was a metaphor for life involving a mountain type situation. The abbreviated message was: there’s only one way forward and there’s no giving up. And each time you think you’re done for, you’re not, and you can laugh you’re still alive…I always think of the way I train in my gym as climbing little mountains everyday, when you get to the end of your work out, it’s the summit.

Life is truly a journey of ups and downs with little candles to blow out along the way.

As an adult, I still see the mountains from an “M”. I also see the pattern on Charlie Brown’s t-shirt or a really scary mustache. BUT I concur with the animal ears, though since this is my imagination, which is what Mondays are for, they’re not just any old random animal ears, they are bat and cat ears. And when they are not in use, they would appear as a little “M” but when you place them on your head they will stretch out on a band…

Here is the roughest chalk drawing you’ve ever seen to sort of illustrate….and yes, stop laughing those are people…hard to believe I run a successful business yet draw like a 5 year old…I think they sort of look like tiny devils..


You can see on the left, the resting apparatus when not in use. On the right is actual usage. The wearer would stretch them to fit to the head for use. AND they are not real bat or cat ears, PETA calm down, they are some kind of bio identical robotic ears. Because why? Humans actually have terrible hearing compared to other animals. And brace yourselves, because it’s “M” day…the animal with the best hearing is wait for it…


Yes, I’m serious, read THIS…And I was so surprised, HERE it is again…a moth, did you know Moths could hear? Tiniest ears ever. I joke. Now, if they could just figure out that whole drawn to the flame issue there could be a new world order…

Back to cat and bat ears, because their sense of hearing seriously trumps ours. And I do believe bats were the reigning champions prior to moths…

This idea is specifically for those people who need hearing aids. After working with older people, I can tell you no one likes wearing hearing aids. Most older people in fact just choose to keep saying “WHAT??” over and over instead of wearing them, so I thought this would be a nice idea. For everyone involved. There would still have to be some kind of cochlear implant , but if we can make synthetic functional animals ears for us, then I’m pretty sure we can sort that out..am I right?

Tiny bat and cat ears…and they would rotate like bat and cat ears too!! We’d all want to be retired and deaf just to own a pair!!

Happy late Monday Travellers!!



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