Is anyone else seeing this??

Good morning Travellers…

Just two days ago I said there would be no more morning walks, which made me feel abit heavy hearted. Because that meant no more walking with the sunrise…

This morning however, the sunrise came to me…Okay, maybe not JUST TO ME, but really, just look at this…it’s so glorious, it’s obscene…


Just look at that…as I stood there in my drive way taking photos, all I could think was, “Is anyone else seeing this? Am I the one watching in wonder right now?”

As I looked down my street, there was no one stirring, no motion, no life of any kind. It’s the 7 o’clock hour, where is everyone? My neighbor’s garage was open, but she was nowhere to be seen. All the lights were dim, nothing…just me.

And the air was so still and light. No breeze, no motion. The summer bug choir has retired to slumber till next year. Just quiet calmness. Even the cars on the nearby street seemed to be buzzing a lower decibel.

I think this is what nirvana might feel like…

And then the skies reached out and turned the whole world was like a rose colored filter draped itself over the canvas of our world…


And I realized I cannot be the only human to see this today, so I had to come and show you. To tell you, it’s worth your 5 minutes to take in the world around you. Maybe you don’t have time for a morning walk, or an amazing work out, but 5-7 minutes in awe does wonders for the human soul.

AND by the way, these are all unfiltered, untouched photos. 100% just nature. Like I said before, nature doesn’t require editing.

Enjoy your day!!!


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