“N” is for Night, Nina, Newton and not so negative notions

Good evening Travellers-

Coming to you on this fine Monday in the eve, rather than the morning light…for Imagination Monday. Perhaps this is the dream version…because the first word that came to mind for the letter “N” was night…


Oh, the Night Sky…or the edge of Night as it would be… The fairer orb of the moon with her far flung family of stars…then came Nina, one of hers and one inspired by her, have a listen….

I started thinking about what life must be like if your dawn isn’t the sun, but the rise of the moon in the sky. Night is the negative of light. Our world with the shades drawn, yet there is so much life in the dark. The rise of the moon is a different kind of dawn isn’t it?

I had quite the menagerie of words come to mind for the letter “N”, here’s a few more…

“N” is for nature, both the world outside our windows and our inner selves that can be seen through the windows of our eyes.

“N” for Nirvana like this OR ultimate peace, happiness and enlightenment.

“Necessary” necessities that are truly needed by no one.

What is nothingness?

Don’t forget never, no one, none. And the big one, NO. If you flip the word around you get ON. And isn’t the word NO a kind of OFF all it’s own. A NO thank you, No, I’d rather not or No, I’d rather you didn’t…it can be a word of liberation or denial. Or it can just be Nope…I dare say that learning to say No AND respect hearing the word No, is something that everyone should endeavor to do better in equal measure.

I’m not sure what I drew from the  “N” as a child,  but I loved water slides in my youth, so I flipped it on it’s side, not realizing I just used a “Z” Ooops!!


That’s little Vana White version of me about to ride the rapids of the slide into the larger pool. There was a slide park that my Grandma took me to in my childhood called, “Cool Clyde’s Water Slide” and that’s what I thought of…more nostalgia than imagination, right? It’s a really great memory though  and my Grandma had the patience of a saint. Sometimes patience seems like an imaginary virtue to me.

Let me try the grown up version…

Isaac Newton. Remember him? The 3 Laws of Motion. Anyone? The third law says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I’d take it one step further and tell you that I believe we live in a world of opposites as a sort of lesson. For example, life and death. One cannot exist without the other and the value of each is based on the other’s existence.

Okay, so my idea isn’t so much the physics, but the exploration of opposites.

I forgot to draw my little me on the awesome chalk drawing, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to draw the surrounding frame work, so let’s just say this is on an open flat plane. And depending on the imagination, it’s either a holograph or some new technology we haven’t seen yet because I want it to be fully visceral.

You can have any two opposites at the same time, Night and Day, Land and Sea, Spring and Winter, Joy and Sorrow, Heaven and Hell, Life and Death, Cats and Dogs. You name it, you can make it.

For some reason, I felt like it should be called “Newton”. The shape of the “N” would be the walk ways. You would be walking on the veil between worlds. The path would cut through the middle versus walking on top looking down. It would be immersive and all around you.

So, imagine the entrance is either the lower left line or the upper right corner and you would have one full plank of each, like night and day and a walk between the two with each on either side.


I feel like this would make a really great mediation space. Perhaps a place to find perspective because I think we have a difficult time remembering Spring when we are in the depths of Winter. Or what the sea is like when there is only land in sight. Maybe it could be used for mental health recovery. For me, I just find as I’ve gotten older, that always remembering what you feel you lost tends to find it’s back to you when it’s time. Nothing last forever, and that is the beauty of this life. Learn to appreciate both sides of the coin.

That’s my strange Imagination Monday in the evening!!


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