“O” is for One, Opera, Ollie The One Eyed Octopus and a Real Mirror

Good evening lovely Travellers,

How did you fare today on this fine Monday? It’s abit overcast here and gloomy and windy and chilly and well, Fall. First day I’ve adorned myself with a sweater. And there is a chill drifting over the hard wood floors in the house, which means there’s only 5 months till we are back to Spring!!

Let’s talk about “O”…and by the way, in case you have just stumbled into this space, on Mondays we wear pink! No, on Monday’s we use our imaginations to invoke fun and frivolity. We remind ourselves that the world is filled with all the joys of our childhood if we just take a moment and pause to engage that part of our minds.

Let’s start with this, One. One is the first word I thought of when I realized today was going to be “O”. It’s odd because I am now just one person. Divorce made me a single, on my own, yet I don’t really think of the word One as being indicative of singledom. Or a lonely number. One for me has always felt more like unity or something valuable. One life, one of kind, one chance, one race, one world, one love…and this song obviously. One is not sameness it’s inclusiveness, at least to me. One is wholeness, which I am working on cultivating. One is self assured, one is brave, one is the last woman/man standing like THIS image…One anything can change everything…one is the beginning.

Opera, as in Phantom and THIS song, which always makes my heart well up. It reminds me of my grandparents, the whole “wishing you were somehow here again, knowing we must say goodbye, try to forgive, teach me to live, give me the strength to try…” Gets me every time. Sarah Brightman, wow…best show I saw on Broadway, with Micheal Crawford who was the original phantom.

“O” is also for odd, operate, opposition, open. Open is good one isn’t it? We are either open to the world around us or closed off. Remaining open to all the options. Open the windows, the doors, your mind, your heart. Opening up again after pain and tragedy or disappointment is pretty much one of the most important things in life, isn’t it? Really difficult but super important. Open is the state in which we can receive the world.

When I was a kid in school, I think I made my letter “O” into an Easter egg. I dunno why, but that feels familiar. I can see it in my mind pretty clear, if you recall I said somehow I remember certain letters in this exercise. I decorated it with zig zags and lines and various colors. At that age I was pretty enthralled with the Easter Bunny. He seemed magnificent in my mind. Possibly because I imagined him in a vest with a pocket watch, hopping down the bunny trail. In my mind, he had brown fur and blue eyes, like 6 feet tall, because I was just a little potato then. I actually remember one Easter thinking I heard him in my house.

Childhood is awesome. Awesome because we believe so whole heartedly in the most preposterous things and everyone let’s it happen. Everyone is open as a child and in the presence of them as well.

The adult child in me thought “O” should be an eye on an octopus named Ollie. By the way, you notice there are no chalk drawings today, because let’s not be delusional, I could not draw an octopus to save my life. Or a bunny or an airplane.

So just imagine, an octopus who only has one working eye, he was born with his other eye closed in a permanent wink. I know that’s pretty specific, but yea, that’s what I thought of. And Ollie would of course have great adventures and show the whole sea that a one eyed octopus was just as capable of octopus things. I think he would wear overalls. Maybe when he was serious, he might use a monocle. I see him being blue in color. And very cute. Here are two visuals to assist you, One and Two.

The other thing that came to mind are the little round “O” shaped windows on airplanes. I love looking out those little portals when you are high above the world. Especially, when you are inside the cloud line. Closest any of us will ever get to being a bird in this life.

My adult idea for the letter “O” is inspired by the line from Sleeping Beauty, “Mirror Mirror on the wall..” you know how that story goes, right? Only this mirror would be different, not for vanity but for something we could all really use. A better self reflection…

I think we all tend to have some kind of distortion when it comes to seeing ourselves. Not just physical, but we can’t see who we are objectively, because we are inside ourselves looking out. My idea is to take something people often say, “If only you could see what I see..” and make it real. Which is why I’d call this invention, the “Real Mirror”.

Somehow, the person would upload their perspective into the mirror for you to see. See yourself thru their eyes. How it would work EXACTLY is a little beyond me because we all know that we are so much more than our bodies and faces, so there would have to be an emotional/intellectual  connection as well, to encapsulate the feelings and thoughts of the other person. And obviously, I can’t say that I know all the details because this is an act of imagination, not a pitch to Elon Musk.

I think it would be of tremendous value if we were able to see ourselves through other people’s eyes at times. Especially in the really difficult patches where we are convinced that our life is hopeless or we question our value.  I can only imagine how a device like this could change our perspective of our life, hopefully adding value in a way that we could not have known.

At least, in my imagination, that’s how it would work. And, by the way, no your ex-boyfriend could not use this device, only good thoughts and feelings could be uploaded. Elon will figure out for us how to make that happen.

What do you think? What would you create with an “O”?


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