“P” is for plants and planting, perfectional, & beanstalk ladders

Happy Monday Travellers,

I took a little hiatus last week for some soul searching AKA, having no time to write in the mornings as I’m trying to rehab my ankle and I’m feeling lost at large in life right now.

I actually could not get this to post this morning, so I’m here after dinner, trying to get it on. Again…

Because of course, I would not miss a Monday to spread some imaginative FUN!! Morning or evening…Mondays deserve us to show up with a better attitude don’t they? Think of the weight Monday has to carry on it’s little back. It’s the day that follows the weekend, it’s the work after the party or naps. Mondays deserve some sympathy…and fun.

Today is the letter “P”…first word that comes to mind for for me is Plant, as in the both the noun and verb. Because I love plants and gardening. Yesterday afternoon, I had to clear out my little porch garden, which is always abit sad. Snow arrived today and my plants can’t handle that, especially my little blueberry shrub that’s only 2 right now. He’s going to work with me to live in my office for the winter. I don’t know why I refer to it as a “he” but somehow, seems to be the vibe I get. After another year in a pot, he’ll go into the ground. I’m gonna have to get some kind of plan about where that’ll be as I don’t want to leave him behind for some odd reason..

Sentimentality is just the weirdest thing, isn’t it?

”P” is also for pianissimo, which means to play very softly in music. When I was a young pianist, I thought it was interesting that all instruments could be played very softly, yet that word seemed to really apply to piano, because it’s only missing an “o” to say piano-issimo.

Speaking of music, we have Portishead, the Police and Prodigy. And one of my favorite electronic songs, actually the first song I was exposed to in the electronic music movement of the ‘90s, Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London.

Lastly, I came up with a word for “P”…Perfectional, which is my term for being a professional perfectionist. Pretty sure I’ve worn this word more times than I would like to admit in life. Perfection is a myth, it’s an allusive unicorn that no one has ever seen because it’s only interested in being chased. And it’s subjective which means to you it may look more like a Smurf that you are eternally chasing…

There’s also peace, punctual, please and peacock. Polite, that’s a big one. And plunder, which I love…

As a child, I’m pretty sure I turned the letter “P” into a tulip, because I remember learning to draw a tulip, it seemed very satisfying that it was so simple and yet, voila,  a flower. The “P” would be the stem with a leaf and then I would have drawn something abit like this…


I’m not sure what the story was though. I’m thinking now, I’d name the tulip Tilda,  and she would have many guests who would visit her, like butterflies and bees and the sun and the clouds with their little rain drops. I imagine I drew a smiley face on her because as I mentioned awhile back, all my childhood creations seemed to have smiley faces. Which is nice, right? Maybe they would all have tea?

As an adult, my idea came to me via this whacked out dream I woke from this morning. You know how your mind seams random things together in a way that only makes sense to a sleeping brain. Real life becomes married to the ridiculous.And when you wake up, all you can think is, what the f*ck was that?

The dream began as a drive on a city highway. I see this highway section a lot in my dreams, though I cannot place this overpass in my memories. The city always appears to be way way down below me, so that’s not real…like the highways and overpasses are stacked 8 levels down…

In last night’s dream, it was also under construction. For some reason, as the cars line up to merge, we have to get out of our vehicles and climb this ladder. As I’m standing at the bottom, I cannot see where it’s going, other than straight up. And the steps are large and I’m behind a long line of drivers, but then you get to the top, and you have to step off and over the ladder, but the stepping over is difficult to coordinate your movement to, and I panic. Then the dream splitS…or replayed with two versions…

In one version, a team of people appeared to help me cross over to the platform. In the other version, I fell, and I mean fell off into the sky, plummeting towards Earth and I was flailing and yelling, and then of course died on a piece of random rebarb that was just sticking out of the Earth. I was impaled and then slowly died, only it didn’t look like me, it was someone else, but still seemed like me….

The weirdest part though, was in the version with the rescue team, I got a t-shirt in my dream that had a graphic on it just like the cover art of “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Suess, only instead of those words, it just said “Amy’s rescue team!” With the fish still intact…

How does that dream give me an idea for the letter “P” you ask? Well, I thought of Jack and the Beanstalk, because that dream ladder felt like some strange iteration of that idea. And I’m not really afraid of heights, but I do not like climbing on ladders. Love climbing trees, or being up high, but NO LADDERS. Just always feel unsteady and my palms sweat like crazy when I’m on one. And I hate the part where you step off or step back on. SO…here’s the idea:


Obviously, tiny me is having a hell of hair day isn’t she? I really like the idea of something living combined with something mechanical. The best of both worlds, not sure what that’s called… The marriage of life and technology. This would be a combination of a laddering system that would also be responsively alive. I’d call it the Beanstalk Ladder.

As you can see it’s a series of little “P”s and reverse little “P”s which make up the steps on the ladder. They would be a metallic plant compound. The greatest thing about this is that is would firmly attach itself to the ground with a plant like rooting system. And in order to not destroy concrete, this system would have tiny filament like roots, but just as strong as the system it could extend into ground soil. It would be intuitive to it’s surroundings and what was needed to establish a stable ladder.

The sturdiness of a metal ladder and the senses of a plant. Also, the little steps would be grippier to prevent falling. Best part, at the top, you wouldn’t have to step over, the stalk would just extend itself in that direction. No falling off a ladder anymore. AND you could climb as high as you wanted. Say you wanted to clean windows on the 122nd floor of a building, no problem. Build a tree house on Everest, no problem. Just think of all the adventures we could have…

That’s my Monday, not a bad way to end the day…see you soon!!


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