Life as a fortune cookie

Good morning Travellers,

Let’s see what I come up with here in my 60 minute window today…

When I was married, we ate a lot of Chinese Food. Or it seemed like a lot looking back from here. Every Sunday evening, we ate it while watching “The Walking Dead”. Then that show lost it’s way and our Sunday night regularly scheduled dinner went with it.

I think we can all agree that good Chinese food is hard to find…but when you do it’s almost like crack cocaine, you crave it and it’s addictive and SO GOOD. To be clear, not endorsing drug use, obviously, but when something is disturbingly good, crack seems to be the comparative, doesn’t it? We had a pretty good little joint near our home and they had rather good fortune cookies.

FORTUNE COOKIES. A dessert like no other. I mean, it’s a cookie making life commentary or comedic relief or predicting your future, depending on how you look at it. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a cookie without a fortune is there? It’s like you found the bottle, but the genie is long gone! Who wants an empty genie bottle? The same people who’d like an empty fortune cookie, NO ONE!!!

We had small collection of fortunes that I kept in this weird little photo block in the kitchen. Some of them were, well just as you would expect, awesome. We only kept the good ones, which were far fewer than the nonsensical ones. Let’s say a 1 in 20 ratio. There’s something about those little strips of paper that are equally ridiculous and random and yet, you can’t say that sometimes you don’t pause for a moment and think, “Well, maaaaybe…” Right? Especially the good ones…a tiny little ping of hope goes off in your brain, am I right? Because somehow that little cookie knows your future…

The first week after my wasband left, I got rid of that little box. I got rid of a lot of stuff that really didn’t bring any meaning, joy or usefulness to my life. I cleared out that little box like clutter, and I’ve never missed it a day since…those were no longer my future.

BUT I keep of them. Four little fortunes on my fridge. One that actually did come true, about taking a great journey, which I did, I went on my solo road trip, which you can find in the archives here on this blog. And it was a great journey…the greatest I’ve taken…

The others revolve around success, because I like to believe that I’m on my way, or rather legitimately about to get on my way here in a few days. I know I’m on the right path deep down inside, I just haven’t fully convinced myself of it yet…do you know how that feels?

One little strip talks about reviving a dormant project, which I think was my writing and creative endeavors. Sometimes I think about getting another piano because I can feel that calling to me some days…mostly, it’s time to finish that certification for training people. I dream of classes on my patio and a community of joyful sweaty people.

Another talks about improving finances through a professional project. Who doesn’t want that?

And the last one says, “If you want the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain.” I’m not making that up, it’s almost a Skittles ad…I laugh at just reading those words typed here because it’s SO CHEESY!!! BUT IT’S TRUE…IT IS COMPLETELY TRUE, THAT COOKIE WAS A SAGE, RIGHT?

Who writes these things?? I mean imagine, that’s your job…What do you do for a living? I write those little fortunes that  you get in fortune cookies!!! Do you know this person? Does anyone? How does one come to that as their career in this life?

Honestly, I wonder where they get their ideas sometimes, and some cookie companies apparently have better fortune writers. There’s a chain my ex frequented that I will not name, that had the dumbest things on those little worded strips. Sheer idiocy.

The thing is about good fortune is I think we realize we have it in tiny microscopic moments that can seem just as ridiculous to another observer as those little cookies do. Take this for example:



It is, but it was a moment of good fortune and I took this image for this very conversation. I pocketed it away for this moment in time that I thought might come…

I was standing in my kitchen on Sunday, because I love to stand up and eat in my kitchen. It feels rebellious to me for some reason. Like a privilege I’ve earned somewhere in life unexpectedly. So I’m standing in the kitchen, eating my pear, it was a particularly scrumptious pear, which are near impossible to find, let’s be honest, pears are the most finicky fruit on the planet. This was an exceptional one and in the moment I was eating it, I just thought, “I am fortunate girl. Standing here in my home, in my kitchen, with a window full of green plants and an able bodied life. I mean my life isn’t perfect, my house isn’t perfect, nothing is, but just for that moment, I was really fortunate. And my everything smiled and swelled with joy.

Last night, I came home from work and it happened again. I realized as I greeted each of my fur kids my good fortune to have them in my life. They are all so awesome, I mean really, they are specimens of authentic character and just so fuzzy!! And my home was warm because it’s cold as f*ck outside right now, and I dunno, good fortune. I was lighting candles and thinking I am fortunate.

I don’t think good fortune was ever a “fortune” like money or fancy stuff.  I’ve said it before and said I would say it again, but these little moments in the calm of our storm are really what drive this life. They are the tiny little lights that sparkle in the darkness.

So if you happen to be the person who writes the little fortune cookie sayings maybe you should write something about what good fortune really is…a passing sensation of contentment that will come from something so random and simple you might miss it if you’re not paying attention. Okay, that may be too many words. Maybe just put the words “PAY ATTENTION” in more cookies…just an idea…

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

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