“Q” is for questions, quality VS quantity, Queen, quagmire and waggy tailed animal butts

Happy Monday Travellers,

Today is brought to you by the arctic blast that just arrived here in Kansas. The weekend was a glorious 65-70 degrees, all sunny and stuff. Last night winter rather savagely elbowed it’s way into our lives.

Today the letter is “Q”…oh, and if you are new, let’s check out a few other letters so you can catch the plot here…Imagination Mondays, all fun, all day, you can do it!!

Try this on for a Monday attitude adjustment… if every week was a new story in your life, which it is, Monday would be the beginning, and who doesn’t love setting out on a new adventure? Or whatever you want the story to be, we’re at the start, nothing is f**cked here, just taxiing down the runway…

Today is “Q”. Q is an odd looking little letter isn’t it…just looks like it’s ready to wag it’s little tail like my girl Ramona. We’ll come back to that in a second…

Of course, we need some tunes, and there’s really only one name in music for this letter, QUEEN. Oh, Highlander what a great movie of days gone by, so ridiculous and yet, so entirely watchable. (Yep, I know there are a few other bands, but really, it’s Queen, come on…have you heard THIS? How can any day be less that spectacular after hearing that? Hmmm…LISTEN TO IT!)

The first word that comes to mind for “Q” is question or questioning, questionnaire. I think being an inquisitive individual is important in life. Nothing is ever as simple as what it appears to be or even necessarily what it seems. People and events are not one dimensional, and the only way to really learn is to ask questions. Various teachers of my youth always stressed the importance of questioning the status quo. And I’m not talking interrogation or water boarding via words, or the Spanish Inquisition, I’m saying, be curious, find out more, asking questions never hurt anyone.

Then there’s quagmire, which of course makes me think of Family Guy, but I’d rather use THIS as an example. Speaking of genius movies, am I right? But what a great word for a predicament. I’d like to know who came up with it, wouldn’t you? Unusual words are such a gift to language.

Quantity versus quality is perhaps one of the most important conundrums a human needs to reconcile in their life. Do you want more or do you want better? When it comes to movement and health, it’s always quality in my book. 10 properly executed squats/pull ups/planks beats any other number. One good meal beats 10 craptastic ones. I would rather meet one quality human versus a gazillion douche bags. One true sincere kind word versus a million empty niceties. One amazing moment versus a longer life time of just time. One favorite sweater over 20 new semi okay sweaters, and if you say, what about 20 favorite sweaters, I would say, I don’t get cold enough to need 20 favorite sweaters.

You see what I’m saying…

As a kid, I’m pretty sure the “Q” would have been the back butt side of my dog or a dog with a super waggy tail, like my dog Snoopy. She was a happy Bassett. Maybe something like this…and yep, that’s snow, it’s called commitment, it’s 24 degrees and I’m outside drawing bad art…


And we wouldn’t see his/her face, we’d just know the sense of happiness because of the speed of wag. I forgot the wagging lines, sorry.

Tails on animals fascinated me as a kid. For some reason, I seemed to think it was a separate creature from the dog or cat. Like somehow it was like a long fuzzy barnacle maybe, but obviously more animated and interactive. And at one point, I remember thinking that my dog’s tail needed a name of it’s own….which I laugh at typing because that is ABSURD. But kind of awesome…so that’s the story, a dog and it’s tail named, what do you name tail? Mr. Wagston perhaps? Anyways, the twosome would have great adventures and just think they’d always have each other.

As an adult, I see actually the same thing because I’m a dog person, but I’m not drawing another dog. No reason to subject anyone to that is there.

Instead I want to go back to asking questions. A big beefy capitol “Q” for question.


I’m choosing this for several reasons. First, basic human interaction. I have a challenge for you actually and try it for a week, or at least today. Pay attention when you are talking to other people, all the people you meet or interact with, how many questions do you ask? OR do you just talk AT everyone about yourself or whatever is going on. Again, not like Law and Order suspect questioning.

Do you ask how they are doing or how’s their life going? And with interest here, and not just ASKING WITH INTEREST, BUT then LISTENING WITH THE SAME INTEREST. I think there is so much power in feeling heard and having someone ask about your well being. Even strangers. Just maybe if we could each acknowledge one another’s lives and struggles. I think this world’s sense of community and just caring about other people, recognizing we are all on this Titanic of life, is dying slowly. And I’m not saying that in a doomsday way, because sometimes things like THIS have happened and there’s hope. We each carry the burden of hope, but need to do our part to set it free.

Secondly, questioning leads to innovation. If the Wright brothers never asked, could we fly? Or if the explorers never asked, what else is out there? Or NASA wondering can we put a man on the moon? Or look up the stars and think, Is there life out there? Or are we all alone? The people who founded America somewhere inside had to asked, can we do this better? Science has to ask, can we cure this disease?

Questioning leads to evolution. Medicine, movement, sociology, archeology to name a few are the sciences of questioning and finding new answers. Sometimes asking the same questions over and over leads to new revelations because a different human asked it.

Lastly, and maybe of huge importance in the global political climate, questioning is self education. If you don’t understand something or someone, start asking questions. Not from a place of hostility, but curiosity. Especially when it comes to politics OR people who are different than you.  If we want a better government, then we need to hold those in office to higher accountability by asking the questions. Ask the questions because I bet someone else wants to know that answer too. If you don’t agree with someone else, there’s a learning opportunity, because you can ask questions. Whatever you fail to understand, you need to ask questions.




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