Fascinating Fridays

Good morning Travellers,

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it again: I think a blog is great place to experiment with all kinds things, it’s like the Wild Wild West of the Internet. Or at least mine is, so today we’re gonna try something different. Because I always wanted to be an outlaw, didn’t you?

Do you ever read something or hear something or eat something or really any kind of stimulation through any of your senses and think to yourself…is anyone else aware of this? Or even better I feel abit like Elliot on Mr.Robot when he says, “Are you seeing this too?” Like the whole world should know this thing…

SO, I’m gonna give you 3 things that I that I have found fascinating this week and if you have anything that you’ve encountered that you feel the world should know about, please share in the comments below or email me for next week’s post…

Let’s start with the strangest one…yesterday I read THIS ARTICLE which was published in the LA Times about the Mexican cartels and the avocado industry. Essentially avocados are becoming the new blood diamond it appears. I was actually really shocked and felt suddenly daftly sheltered that I was unaware of this situation as an avid avocado consumer. Did anyone else in America NOT know about this? Am I just living under a rock?

I’m not sure what the emotion is other than horror that somehow farming turns into violence in a land like Mexico. This is just a bananas story. I believe most Americans associate drugs, guns, political corruptions with the cartels, but apparently now they want all their omega 3s as well. And I have to ask, how can we help this situation as the primary consumers of avocados? Because it’s the Americans who are eating them, and they are delicious, but yet, shouldn’t we take a moment here and consider this strangely violent situation and our role in it? This is a horrific deviation from your basic supply and demand equation, isn’t it? Just give that some thought…does anyone know how to grow these things in America? I just don’t think people should have to die for my avocados.

Next up, I tried a new apple this week in my lunch salads and I know you’re thinking, Wow Amy, your life is really exciting, but really, good food is important to me and should be important to all of us…and trying new foods is one of the simplest pleasures that humans can easily endeavor in on a daily basis.

Let me just show you why I’m mentioning this…


See, see what I mean, the first one I ate was entirely pink inside. I’ve never had that before in an apple. This is a Lucy Rose apple that I bought at Sprouts. Apparently, it’s a hybrid of some kind that begins with a honey crisp apple and then I’m not sure what happened. They also mention a berry taste on the grower’s page. I just thought they were a sort of surprising delight to my eyes. And they taste awesome both tangy and sweet. The apple industry has always fascinated me because it takes some serious diligence to grow apples…but if you’d like to try something new, give it go!

Lastly, this one is for your ears. Let me first say, this isn’t probably for everyone, but I feel like listening to this music is similar to visiting an art gallery: you may not like all the art your view, but you’ll feel enriched for the experience. It’s so rare to find musicians with such specific vision and articulation of their ideas. If you enjoy the vocal stylings of Bjork, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, trip hop music, and I’d say later days Radiohead’s experimental sounds, this might be just the thing you never knew you always needed. Her name is FKA Twigs, her new album is Mary Magdalene, and here’s a few video’s for Cellophane and THIS live performance. It just feels like such a staggering acrobatic work of sounds that I think the whole world should hear, maybe not love, but I feel better just knowing people like this live and breathe here on Earth…her earlier work is also jaw dropping good.

Happy Friday to you all!!

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