“S” is for SO many words, an Hourglass, the Sea & a Dinosaur

Happy Monday Travellers,

How’s life treating you on this fine Monday? AND, How have you been treating your life?…Myself, I awoke to bliss this morning, otherwise known as a purring cat tucked under one arm and swathed in flannel sheets. Is there anything better then being tucked away in a warm cozy bed in a cold room? I think not.

Today’s Imagination Monday is brought to you by the letter “S”. I’ve done some wandering through the net, and it appears there is a belief, I didn’t say fact, but an idea that more words begin with the letter “S” than any other letter. “P” is close behind. Let’s just run a quick tab here:

Smile, Sunrise, Sunset, Skies, Sunny, Stars, Sparkling, Shining, Shimmering, Serenity, Seasons, Shift, Spring, Summer, Someday, Sometime, Somewhere, Someone, Somehow, Something, Seriously, Senses, Sight, Smell, Sensual, Sex, Sexual, Slinking, Sliding, Stroking, Slowly, Slyly, Subtly, Skills, Simplicity, Singular, Silly, Sweetness, Salty, Sour, Seasoning, Sanguine, Snake, Song, Solo, Singing, Suspend, Supernatural, Superstition, Sentimental, Swoon, Sail, Snail, Stale, Stout, Stupendous, Splendiferous, Spontaneous, Spellbound, Stressful, Stultify, Stupid, Search, Smoke, Swing, Swag, Swoop, Sincerely, Stop, Slowly, Step, Salvation, Save,  Smack, Slap, Slip, Sip, Severe, Sever, Sleepy, Snooze, Slumber, Satisfaction, Socks, Sweater, and SANTA…we could go on all day, just think about it.

Could there BE a more necessary letter than “S”? Survey says, nope. And there are so many of my favorite things in life included on that list.

The singer and song that comes to my mind first and foremost for the letter “S” is of course, Sade. She’s a North star in the galaxy of music. And she even has a song that I love that starts with “S”, HERE it is!! If you are under 30, you may have never heard her name before, you need to correct that and go listen to everything she’s done…In my lifetime, I feel she is the closest thing we’ve come to an Ella Fitzgerald’s timeless and unstoppable talent. Just saying…and if you don’t know Ella Fitzgerald, oh good grief, that’s what Youtube is for I suppose…

What would my child self have drawn with an “S”? Strangely, I think I drew an hourglass…


I know this may not seem super creative, but one of the movies that I remember most from my childhood is Flash Gordon, also my first exposure to Queen. It’s like an awesomely bad movie, and I have no idea how they convinced Max Von Sydow to get involved, but there was an hourglass in that movie. The first one I ever saw in my young life. I was enthralled. Mostly, I just wondered how they got the sand inside, because I knew nothing about glasswork. I’m not sure what the story was that I wrote to accompany this picture, probably an echo of what I saw in the movie, time was running out and there was someone to rescue or something to be done. I also fancied turning an hourglass on it’s side to suspend the sand progression, maybe I wrote about stopping time? I really don’t recall and can merely speculate. It’s been awhile since I was 6 year old.

I’ve always found instruments that measure time in some way to be very interesting. I played piano as a child and was introduced to the metronome, another strange looking object that counts out time. It’s just fascinating that we measure something that we cannot actually see…we are measuring invisibility. And oddly, hourglasses also make me think of deserts and Genies, ala Arabian Nights.

I had two random thoughts as an adult for the “S”, one was of course a rolling sea…by the way, I realized I forgot to draw a little wild haired me in these fine works of art today…


I love the ocean, don’t you? If you’ve never swam in one, make sure you get to before you die. The sheer power of the waves  and incredible life that emanates from it’s depths is unlike anything else on Earth. And do some snorkeling or scuba diving, get down in there and visit all the little creatures…speaking of creatures, the other thing that came to mind is again flipping the “S” on it’s side and you get this…


It’s a Brontosaurus. My favorite dinosaur, not that I’ve met many in my life obviously. They just seem so graceful with their long necks and tall legs. Like old school giraffes, but less decorative pelts. I’m not sure if they were friendly like the ones in Jurassic Park, but I can’t help but hope so.

Do you think the dinosaurs believed they were forever? As in, they believed they would rule this world for all of time? I know animals are aware of time because I live with four of them. I’m not sure if that extends to their own mortality or not, and it’s not like we can ask them, can we?

I can’t help but wonder what will come after us. No species survives all of time does it? Who or what will excavate our skeletons to examine the Homo sapiens that once roamed this Earth? Because the thing about invisible time is that we have no idea how much is left, for us, for our sun, this universe, but we do know all things come to an end. All stories have an ending…And I don’t mean that in a Debbie downer way on Monday, I mean it in a make the most of what you have in this life. Consider the legacy that you want to leave behind and that’s where I’m gonna leave you this Monday evening…something to think about.


OH, one last thing. I’m suspending “Imagination Mondays” in December for a little creative balm for the soul endeavor here in this space, because I like to try new things, so we will come back to “T” at the beginning of the New Year…stay tuned, it’s a SURPRISE, what a great “S” word, am I right? I could do this all night…




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